One of the world's most popular Squad servers.

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Should you join Just4Fun ?

Well, we'll just let you hear from our players...

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0001 - IMG_1547

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0003 - Welcome 2

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Feb 2021
Feb 2021

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Probably the best Squad community in the world...

3 Squad Servers

A public server

(New players welcomed)

An events server

A training server

Events Calendar

Dedicated events team

Weekly events

Themed events

Run with experienced SL's

Contact us via our Discord or send an email via this site.

Dedicated Trainers

Squad Leader Training

Infantry Training

Events Preparation

New Player Boot Camp

Group Training

Contact us using the TRAINING menu or via our Discord.

The Best Admins

Simple, easy rules

No seeding rules

Zero tolerance policy

Toxic players removed

Good players rewarded

New players protected

All actions audited

Proactive banning

Appeals process

Join as a member now - FREE!

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Or visit our Discord

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Describing who we are is simple:


We are a friendly group of people from multiple countries who love playing squad.

We run our own servers to ensure that game play is chilled and non-toxic.

We welcome everyone, new or veteran.

Our tagline is: Be friendly, be helpful, or be quiet...

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Three servers - 2 exclusively for member's use !

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Events Server Large.png
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  • Our Public server is called Just4Fun

  • 100 Player Slots

  • Licensed

  • Found in the server browser

  • Great ping for CAN / US / EU & UK Players.