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  • The year is 2006, President Putin is to be transported to Kyiv, Ukraine to meet with the Prime Minister.

  • The Spetsnaz Commander and Putin are informed that Putins’s Top Military Advisor who was transferred to Kyiv, Ukraine, days prior had been assassinated by rebel forces who were against the Ukranian PM and Putin meeting.

  • Through intelligence gained by Rebel Spies, the Rebels were able to figure out the general area Putin would be in and plan an ambush to end Putin and the commanders lives to support the rebels agenda to destroy Russia. 

Russian Objectives & Rules...

  • There is a 15 minute staging time to go over strategy/setup.

  • President Putin is to be taken to 3 predetermined locations and extract.

  • The Russian commander can be revived 3 times.

    • Putin can be revived once.

    • Either can visit the medical centre.

  • No re-spawns of armour only what's initially given.

Rebel Forces Objectives & Rules...

  • There is a 15 minute staging time to go over strategy.

  • Because of a vehicle shortage, the rebels are only allowed one use of the rocket vehicle and tank.

  • Their objective is to Kill President Putin Twice, that means He gets 1 revive, but a trip to the medical centre will give him an extra life

Other Rules...

  • The map will be Gorodok

  • Putin, a former KGB agent, is allowed to carry a handgun.

  • Suicide IEDs are allowed.

  • No Command Strikes are allowed due to the extensive impact on the human life toll.

  • Drones and UAVS are allowed but no IED Drones as the Rebels come from the surrounding area and don't want to risk harming possible supporters of their movement.

  • The Russians are going to precap the first two points during the staging phase for an extra 200 tickets to ensure the game lasts.

This event will be held on our ...............

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