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Operation Citadel - Sat 4th June 2022


Event Scenario...

For years, the Russian government has continued to press the issue of the former territories of the USSR and Russian Empire.

Many defence and geopolitics analysts have mostly brushed off these statements as simply posturing. This is not the case anymore.

Russian Star.png

The US Department of Defence has recently announced that US-245 optical satellite recently spotted Russian motorized divisions near the Estonian border.

Later analysis has determined that the Russian 247th Guards Air Assault Regiment has been spotted on the Russian side of the Narva River. In response, the US has deployed the 1st Infantry Division. Russian foreign minister and state media has claimed that the deployment of Russian troops on the Estonian border was a standard part of their duties to ensure the integrity of Russia's border.

Western leaders are sceptical of this explanation pointing out static emplacements and large supply dumps that have been spotted on the Russian side. NATO, EU, and UN envoys have been attempting to deescalate the situation but appear to have been unsuccessful with Russia unwilling to budge from their position.


As a result, the US has also built up their presence on the Estonian border. It appears the US hopes to stop a potential advance in its tracks by establishing heavy defences in the border city of Narva.

The city is now a proverbial ghost town as civilians have been ordered to evacuate the city as an invasion of the Baltic state seems inevitable. 

The location will be Narva RAAS V1
The event will be a super FOB vs super FOB.
There will be a time limit of 30 mins for each faction to build their FOB.

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