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Server admins have the right to remove anyone whom they feel may be disruptive to gameplay or those who through present or past behaviour are not suited to our environment. We are under no obligation to justify the actions taken, nor will we engage in discussion on the kicks/bans imposed, with the exception of appeals or a simple clarification of any action taken.

All of the kicks/bans enforced on J4F are to protect the friendly environment that we strive hard to achieve.

Ban Appeals

To appeal your ban on Just4Fun - Follow the instructions below carefully:

Check before you lodge your appeal.

If you are banned on other servers we cannot reverse these bans.

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If you do not have any other server bans, then visit our Ban Appeal application 


All appeals must be lodged within two calendar months of the ban.  You cannot appeal a ban on behalf of someone else.

Any abuse of this process will result in your appeal being deleted

and you will be banned permanently from this Discord and from our server.

"Be Nice & Kill Loads"