Appeals & Enquiries

Ban Enquiries & Ban Codes
To look up your BAN CODE on Just4Fun then click
If you have checked your ban code, and still do not understand why you have been banned or the ban code explanation looks incorrect to you then you can ask for more information by clicking HERE.

Ban Appeals

(1). Check the Squad Community Ban List 
(2). If you have bans (active or expired) on other servers we cannot change these entries.
(3). If your ban message says:
APPEAL VIA SQUAD-COMMUNITY-LIST.COM then you need to follow the instructions HERE
(4). If you have been banned with the ban message NAME BANNED CHANGE BEFORE RETURNING
then your player account has not been banned, but you can return to our servers with a more suitable name.

Just4Fun pride ourselves on being fully GDPR compliant.
Under UK / EU law we must validate anyone submitting a ban enquiry/appeal as we will be accessing/discussing personal data as defined by the GDPR regulations.

You will be asked to validate your Steam account during the form submission.
If you fail to do that, then your enquiry or appeal will not be processed.

CLICK HERE to start the process to appeal your ban.

All appeals must be lodged within two calendar months of the ban.
You cannot appeal a ban on behalf of someone else.
Any profanity or abuse will result in your appeal being disregarded, and you will be banned permanently from our servers.