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Ban Appeals & Enquiries

  • If you know why you have been banned you may appeal.

  • If you do not understand why you have been banned, click here before submitting an enquiry,

Create a ban enquiry or appeal...

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GDPR Compliance at Just4Fun

  • J4F are fully GDPR compliant, and proud to be one of the few game servers that have achieved this.

  • Under UK/EU GDPR law we must ask you to validate your Steam account if you file a ban enquiry or appeal.

  • If you fail to validate your account, then your enquiry or appeal will not be processed.

Helpful Information/Guidelines:

  • Admins are human and can make mistakes, we treat all appeals seriously and will review every appeal throughly.

  • AI generated appeals will carry less weight than personal appeals.

  • All appeals are reviewed by two members of the admin team, including one senior admin who will be different from the admin who banned you.

  • All appeals must be lodged within three calendar months of the original ban.

  • You must validate that you are the Steam owner by following the process on the enquiry/appeal form.

  • Although evidence is not needed for J4F to enforce a ban against a player, > 99% of our bans have evidence.

  • We are under no obligation to disclose evidence to those enquiring about, or appealing their bans. 

  • You cannot appeal a ban on behalf of someone else.

  • If your appeal fails, then you can only appeal again after one year from the original ban date.

  • Any profanity or abuse will result in your appeal being voided, and you will be banned permanently.

  • If you collect three or more bans across our servers, we will ban you permanently.

  • Our current level of appeal grants is around 35% of submitted appeals.

  • An appeal will result in one of five actions:  

    • 1) Refusal

    • 2) Reduction of the ban length

    • 3) Deletion of the ban

    • 4) Extension of the ban

    • 5) Change to the ban classifications.

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