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Ban Enquiries

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Look up your BAN CODE click HERE

If you have checked your ban code, and still do not understand why you have been banned click below to start a ban enquiry.

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Ban Appeals

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(1)  If your ban message says: "Automatic Teamkill Kick"

Then you have a temporary ban (20 minutes AND a map change) - You may re-join after that.

(2)  If your ban message says ...


... then your player account has not been banned, but you can only return to our servers with a more suitable name.  (No appeal is possible).

(3)  If the above does not apply to you, and you have a ban code, then you may appeal your ban by clicking  below ...

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Just4Fun are fully GDPR compliant.

Supporting UK / EU law we will validate anyone submitting a ban enquiry / appeal as we may
be handling personally identifiable 
data as defined the UK's GDPR regulations.

You may be asked to validate your Steam account during the form submission.
If you fail to validate, then your enquiry / appeal will not be processed.

All appeals must be lodged within two calendar months of the ban.
Evidence is not needed for J4F to enforce a ban against a player.  We pride ourselves as > 99% of our bans have evidence.
We are under no obligation to disclose evidence to those enquiring about, or appealing their bans. 
You cannot appeal a ban on behalf of someone else.
Any profanity or abuse will result in your appeal being voided, and you will be banned permanently from our servers.

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