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Ban code with 2 characters

Automatic Teamkill Kick

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Name Banned 

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ZZ Ban Code

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Ban Explanation & Codes

CLICK ON the ban message that is closest to the one you received.....


(If you cannot remember the message then try to re-join any J4F server to have it displayed again.)

2 Character Ban Codes (Most Common)

Translate your ban code to a reason by matching the ban code you received to the table below:

Coded timed ban message with callout.png

Automatic Teamkill Kick

Ban message -AUTOTK_edited.jpg

Despite it saying it is a kick this is a ban for multiple team killing - (OWI do not let us customise this message).

OWI (the makers of Squad)  force all licensed servers to perform an auto team kill ban on team killing above a certain number in one game, which we can do nothing about.

We do get to choose the ban duration, and ours is set to 20 minutes.  However, Squad does not reset the ban until after a map change, so your teamkill ban will expire after the next map change, as long as 20 minutes has also passed - In some cases, that may mean up to a 1-1½ hour wait.
As this is not a 'real' ban, it will not affect your players reputation.  AutoTK bans are deleted once spent, unless admins think that the actions were deliberate.

We get to choose the number of TK’s that the ban kicks in for.  It’s a really difficult balance between ignoring accidents by commands with arty, friendly mine hits, etc., versus getting rid of trolls and incompetent players. We don’t advertise our threshold (for obvious reasons) and do change it every so often to throw off trolls who try and work it out. 

It is always worth letting us know about auto TK bans, as J4F admins will review all of them, and if they think the actions are deliberate, we convert the temporary ban to a 'proper' ban.  Just raise a ticket in our Discord and we can make sure that your accident is noted as such!

"Name Banned" Bans.

Ban message -Name banned_edited.jpg

If you have been banned with the message "NAME BANNED CHANGE BEFORE RETURNING" then your player account has not been banned, but you have joined our servers with a name that is considered unsuitable for a public space.

You may return to to our servers with a more suitable name, and continuing playing.

Appeals for these sort of bans are not accepted.  As it is your name that has been banned not your player account, you are not prohibited from playing on our servers, so normal appeals are not warranted.

Neither do we engage in discussions over our decision process on what is and is not acceptable, we leave that to your maturity and common sense.

If you find that you are unable to select a name that is acceptable to us, then you should find other servers to play on.

GENERIC Message Bans

Generic ban from native ban list_edited.jpg

If you have been banned with the message "Unable to Join, banned from server" then there are one of two reasons:

1) If you had been kicked previously with the message AUTOMATIC TEAMKILL KICK, then you have been kicked and banned for too many team kills - Off not deliberate then you can rejoin in 20 minutes AND after a map change - the ban is not stored on your account.

2) If you have not been kicked with the message AUTOMATIC TEAMKILL KICK then your player account is has active or spent bans recorded by other Squad servers, and we have used this to withhold access. 

J4F use the the Squad Community Ban List to check players with past and/or present bans, and we will withhold access to our servers for those players with what we consider is a poor reputation.

These type of bans cannot be appealed on J4F - You need to contact the server organisation that banned you to have these bans reduced and/or removed.  If you do this, then your SCBL reputation score may fall low enough for you to be allowed access to J4F servers.

You can check your SCBL reputation and find out how to try and solve this on the SCBL HERE

Ban Code ZZ 

Ban message -ZZ banned.png

If you have been banned with the ban code 'ZZ' then you have been banned for a reason that we do not have a pre-set code for.

In order to find out the reason for your ban (which you will need to do prior to any appeal) - you wil need to complete a ban enquiry form on our web site to find out the exact reason why you have been banned.

If you still do not understand your ban you can raise an enquiry HERE.

If you wish to appeal, then you can appeal your ban HERE.