Just4Fun costs around £200 (US$275) per month to run.

PLEASE consider tipping us a small amount monthly to keep us running.

We have two levels of contributions:

For those in full time employment/comfortably off: £5 ($6.95) per month.

For those unemployed, disabled, in full time education, single parents or just really short of money:

£3.58 ($5) a month.

Think about it like this: You get a minimum of 10 great games each month on J4F,

so you decide to tip 50p / 70c each game? = £5/$7 per month.

Help us by contributing...


Use of reserved slots - no more queueing!

Ability to team change without restriction or delay. 


Protection against unintentional team kill auto bans.

A special Discord status and recognition among our community.

For all contributors, as our way of thanking you we offer:

Contribute (1).png