Just 4Fun Community FAQ's

The Just4Fun Server is not showing in-game ?

Can’t see the Just4Fun server in the in-game browser?

FIRST - Check that you have not filtered servers, bring up the filter menu.


Otherwise, it's a known issue that affects all servers - this may help...



What often works is if you use the server search (bottom left) and type 'just4' then it should locate it.

Server browser missing fix #2



How do I get some training ?

Did you know, as a regular you get full access to training facilities.


This includes one to one and group training on any aspect of the game ranging from the absolute basics to advanced squad leading and advanced tactics.


Want to develop a particular skill set? Want to master the machine gunner? Want to train for an upcoming event? Then book a training session today!


All training is conducted on our dedicated training server.


If you are interested please contact @events&training in our Discord for more information.

Maps - Can we change the rotation?

So many popular servers run a very limited set of maps (one, in the top 5 UK runs 7 maps!).

There are 240+ maps variations within Squad, if you include RAAS, AAS, INS, Skirmish etc.

Every survey that clans and others have done has shown no clear preference for certain maps.

So at Just4Fun, we run TRULY random maps.  From the 220 + available the server will choose a random map at every change.  


We have reduced some less popular modes (i.e. Reduced "Total Control" gameplay maps from a count of 20 to 10), but otherwise you will get the GREATEST variety of maps on the J4F server.

Do you run events ?

Oh yes!

We have a dedicated events coordinator team who is always busy planning our events calendar.

We have a dedicated events server for our REGULARS, and we experiment with plain and themed events to suit everyone.

Please let us know if you would like a specific type of event.  Contact @events&training in our Discord.

I'm a sponsor and can't team change ?

There is a bug with Squad that when the server restarts (after a crash for example) the sponsors benefit of team change does not work, and other players may find they cannot team change FOR THE FIRST MAP ONLY.


OWI say they plan to fix this.


The issue goes away after the first map change.

Locked Squads - Why allow them ?

We have debated this several times at J4F.


Any SL is free to kick anyone from their squad, so if we have a rule which forbids locked squads then you will find that SL's that only want their clan members or their mates in their squad will just continually kick players until they get the squad they want.


The result of that will be disgruntled kicked squad members swearing at people, arguing in chat and team killing, as they don't understand why they were kicked, which then generates a very high admin overhead trying to manage this.

Can I book my own event ?

If you are a registered Regular with J4F then as long as you have 50+ hours play with us then you can book your own event for you and other regulars.


Please contact the @events&training team in Discord or the contact Just4Fun page on this web site for more details.

For anyone else, we offer server hire on our web site.

Do you hire server time ?

Yes we do, at very reasonable prices.


Please go to https://www.j4f.uk/server-hire

I don't understand what a REGULAR is on J4F ?

A MEMBER is anyone who has joined our Discord.


A REGULAR is someone who has completed our regular registration and wants to be a part of our community.


A SPONSOR is someone who is donating monthly to our server costs.

What are Sponsor Perks ?

For all monthly sponsors who contribute $5 or more a month (about £3.57) they will get the following benefits:

1) Use of reserved slots to save queuing.

2) Ability to team change without any restriction or delay.

3) Immunity from bans as commander team killing through airstrikes.

BUT.... we don't want you to sponsor us for the perks, we want you to contribute to a community your enjoy and want to maintain!

Why do I queue as a sponsor ?

As a sponsor, you are the only group of people who have access to the Just4Fun reserved slots.  On the public server we have 2 reserved slots.

So for our 100 slot server, 2 reserved slots means that the maximum number of players is 98.


At 98 if a sponsor attempts to join they will use one of the reserved slots making it 99 players, with 1 reserved slot.

When any player leaves, the count will reduce to 98 and available reserved will go back to 2.


When the server is at 98 players, should two sponsors join at the same time, then  sponsors joining after that will have to wait until a player leaves.  This should happen VERY rarely.

Sponsors will always be first in the queue for the next available slot, regardless of the queue length and when they started queueing.  


If you are a sponsor and ever get any issues queuing then let us know.