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  • How do I donate to you?
    Just click HERE for our page with lots of donation options!
  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
    Of course. You can CLICK HERE to access PayPal instructions on how to cancel. If you donated without using a PayPal account, contact us via our Discord (open a ticket) or email and we can cancel that for you.
  • Can I take a break from donating?
    Of course, circumstances change, so just open a ticket on our Discord or email us at and we can pause your donations for as long as you wish, you will lose perks etc., but they return as soon as you rejoin us!
  • What perks are available?
    We like people to donate because they support how we run the server, our rules and admin activites. But we do thank donators by giivng them access to our reserved slots, meaning that you should never have to queue again.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Of course, circumstances change, we understand, so here is how to cancel your sponsorship: To cancel a recurring payment on PayPal, just click HERE , follow the instructions and your sub will be cancelled instantly. If you didn't use PayPal to sign up, or are having any issues then please open a ticket on our Discord or email us at and we can cancel for you.
  • Do you make a profit?
    No, Just4Fun spend ALL monies received on running our community. No member of staff is paid or receives any benefits.
  • Do you take one off donations?
    We prefer a small monthly contribution, as we hope that you are going to be with us for some time. But if you want to make a one off donation you can do that as we are grateful for ANYTHING! (We do not assign privs or perks for one offs.) To make a one off donation, just visit our donations page HERE and you have a number of one off donation options at the bottom.
  • What do you do with donations?
    All monies received go to the running costs of the servers, management software, web site etc. No staff get any pay, nor the server owner. All money is spent running Just4Fun and hosting the game servers.
  • What happens when I cancel?
    We will remove any associated access/perks on the date that you cancel. Your member status and any other long term benefits remain unchanged.
  • What if I get banned from your server(s)?
    All perks are linked to you being a member. Players who have been banned for anything other than minor issues cannot remain a member with J4F - So, if you lose your membership then you also lose all perks / access associated with your donation and member status.
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