FAQ for our Servers

Where are your physical servers?

Our #1 public server is located on a shared box in a London data center. It is running one of a number of instances of Squad with other Squad servers. Our #2 public server is on its own dedicated box we rent in a data centre in Amsterdam. Our events server is Squad instance #2 on the same own dedicated box in Amsterdam. Our training server is Squad istance #3 on the same own dedicated box in Amsterdam.

Do you have downtime & reboots?

Our four servers all reboot at 09:00 GMT/UTC if empty, or as soon as the player count reaches zero after that. The only dowmtime that we have is 20 minutes each time OWI release a new version of Squad, to update to that version.

How do you balance teams?

The two public servers have a limit of 6 players difference before the team balance forces players to join the team with lesser players. J4F is so busy that even if the teams end up unbalanced, it is normally only for a couple of minutes before it sorts itself out.

Do you have automatic team killing kicks / Bans?

Squad licensed servers are forced to auto kick & ban for a server chosen (within limits) number of team kills on the same map round. J4F operate a 20 minute ban, but the squad server needs a map change before it can reset the ban, so if you are kicked for accidential TK's you willhave to wait 20 minutes AND for the next map change after that. J4F admins check all auto TK bans daily, and turn deliberate actions into real bans. Otherwise an AUTO-TK ban is not permanent and does not affect your player status, not is recorded on yoru account.

How do you define your map rotation?

J4F pride ourselves on running 220+ different maps and game play modes of Squad - Just about every other popular server will only run 12-20 maps! Our map rotation is randomised every time to try and give everyone fresh maps whenever they visit. So occasionally you may get Skirmish on a full server - but you get VARIETY every time! The admins will manually select maps depending on the server population to suit the number of players. Regrettably we don't allow people to request maps - We have a members server that allows members to choose a specific map to play.

Are there chat shortcuts I can use?

!help - Lists these commands!

!info General info.

!admin - Calls an admin for URGENT matters.

!admins - Shows how to verify J4F admins in chat.

!rules - Sends the main rules to chat.

!discord - Sends our discord server URL to chat.

!j4f or !web - Gives our web address.
!veh - List the vehicle rules. Teamchange - A perk given to some of our long standing supporters. Allows you to team change instantly.

Do you allow base camping?

We follow the standard gameplay rules and have no extra camping rules. The OWI devs put in a protection zone for every main base exactly for this. There are two exists for every main base If you have the enemy camping your base, then your rear defence has failed! It is really easy to get rid of the opposing team near your main base with teamwork, smoke and tactics - try it!

What are your seeding rules?

None. We have no seeding rules! Why?

Because we believe that if the server is at 5-10 players, you should be able to muck about and experiment as you wish.

Plus, when we get to 10-15 players our server fills up so quickly that there is no need for seeding rules.
The only rule that changes for seeding is our vehicles rules, under a total of 20 players there are NO vehcicle rules.