GDPR Statement & Policy

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Just4Fun supports and complies with the EU GDPR requirements.  This page will explain our data storage policies and responsibilities.




GDPR applies to your personal data stored directly by Just4Fun.  Third parties used by Just4Fun cover GDPR for your data separately (see section below).


Personal Data:


We may hold the Steam ID, Discord ID, real name and email address for anyone who has registered with us as a member.


We may hold the Steam ID, Discord ID, chat logs, video / audio of your game play, video / audio of your Discord usage for anyone who has been banned from our services.


We may hold the Steam ID, Discord ID, email address, chat logs, video / audio of your game play for anyone who lodges an enquiry or appeal for a ban on our systems.


Length of Storage:


For members we will store your personal data for the period of your membership and for two years after your membership ends, or until you ask us to delete that data. 


For players banned we will retain your data indefinitely in order to withhold access to our services, while allowing you to contact us regarding the ban.


Usage of Data:


For our members we use your personal data stored to grant access to privileges that come with membership and communicate with you about events, etc.


For those banned from our services we hold your personal data detailed above to prevent access to our services, to hold evidence for law enforcement agencies and to handle later appeals and enquiries about the ban from the account holder.


Removal of Data:


Registered members may request that we remove their personal data by contacting us and cancelling their membership via our Discord or web site.  We will then remove that personal information.


Banned players do not have any GDPR right for total removal as this data is needed to continue withholding access to our services, and provide evidence to authorised authorities if needed.  If you have deleted your Steam account permanently, you may request that Steam contact us directly to confirm this, and we will then remove your personal data.


Sharing of Data:


For players that we ban, we may share your Steam ID, game play records, chat logs and evidence / details of your ban(s) with other game server admin teams, the SCBL and OWI.  If held, your email address will never be shared with third parties.

For other players we will never share your personal information outside administrators within Just4Fun.


Data Security:


All personal data that we store about you above is encrypted and stored securely with two factor authentication for all Just4Fun staff accessing that data.  The only people with access to your personal data stored with J4F are J4F admins together with third parties listed in the Data Sharing section.


Geographical Location of Stored Data:


All personal data is held on UK servers.

Ban Appeals & Enquiries:

In order for us to validate that you are authorised person enquiring about your data, we require that you validate that you have administrator access to your Steam account - Once this is done, then we can discuss the data that we hold for your account.  We would be in breach of GDPR regulations if we supplied any personal data information to a person that we could not validate as being authorised to access that data.




We use third party services such as Steam, Discord, BattleMetrics, Epic Games, BattlEye, PunkBuster, Google, TenProtect, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, EAC and OWI who may or may not hold personally identifiable data on you.  If you wish to learn more, you should contact these organisations directly or read their privacy/data collection policies and terms.