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One of the world's most popular Squad communities.

Over 1,800 of the best Squad players are J4F members.

We run a licensed Squad server

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What we offer...

Active, fair and impartial admins (we monitor all admin actions and audit regularly).

J4F Members will NOT be given any special treatment, all players are treated equally.

Toxic and rude players will be removed from your gameplay.

High level of cheat detection and cheater removal.

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Membership application

Benefits of membership:

  • Professionally run gaming community.

  • 1,800 members in 27 countries and growing).

  • Two public servers.

  • Members only events & training server.

  • Exclusive merchandise.

  • Very active admins.

  • Simple, fair ruleset.

  • Members Events held on members only server.

  • Chance for VIP queue priority each month.

  • Perks for regular seeders.

  • Giveaways.

  • Full Discord access.

  • Input to our rules and policies.

  • Squad, Arma, EFT, 6Days channels and more.

  • Support our goals of friendly, chilled game-play.

  • You don’t have time for idiots or trolls.

  • It's FREE !!!

Membership - Character

To become a member, SIGN UP NOW, then join our Discord.

Discord - Click to join

What players say about J4F, or listen to our gameplay...

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