Bans..... How do they work ?

The Squad game operates three automatic levels of player banning:

(We have no control or input into any of these.)

Steam Game Bans.png

The Just4Fun server also subscribes to the Squad Community Ban List.
Players may be banned using data from the SCBL  and criteria to analyse player bans on other servers.
We contribute our own bans back to the SCBL for other server owners to decide on a course of action. 

We monitor problem players on the OffWorld Industries discord, adding selected reports to the J4F ban list.
Anyone who accumulates three or more bans on Just4Fun will be banned permanently from all our servers.

Squad Community Ban List.png

Server admins have the right to remove anyone whom they feel may be disruptive to game play or those who through present or past behaviour are not suited to our environment. We are under no obligation to justify the actions taken, nor will we engage in discussion on the kicks/bans imposed, with the exception of appeals or a simple clarification of any action taken.

All of the kicks/bans enforced on J4F are to protect the friendly environment that we strive hard to achieve.

OWI publish an FAQ for player bans - access it by clicking here.