Rookie Advice

Your 1st Game

(1) Make sure that you complete the in-game tutorial.  Yes, it's boring, but it will save you from some embarrasment when you are playing with real people.

(2) Choose a server that has been recommended to you as friendly (not alll of them are!).

(3)  Choose a squad that keeps together on the map (it shows teamwork).  RIght click any squad name and choose HIGHLIGHT to see wheer their members are.

(4) Join the squad, wait for a pause and tell the squad leader you are new.  If you get no reply leave and join another squad.

(5) Choose the RIFLEMAN class.  You need experience to play any of the others.

(6) DONT just spawn anywhere - Ask your squad leader where you should spawm.

(7) Enjoy!

Notes: If you dont have a MIC then suffix your player name with (NO MIC) it will reduce the hassle you get!  If you don't speak English then suffix your name with (NO ENG) people should be helpful.

If it’s your first game, then learn how to do a Logi run (logistics truck) and any decent squad you join will love you to do a couple of runs for them. It’s a good way to show that you are a team player!

Follow your Squad Leaders instructions, or, if part of a fire team, listen to your fire team leader.

Keep comms short and relevant. If you see something that others should know about, tell them and give a direction – i.e. Movement SE 100 metres, or contact 200 metres North – enemy tank. Don’t be afraid to say things like “Tank 500 metres south east, unsure if enemy”.

A lot of people get confused about when to use compass words and compass bearings.  Only use bearings if you are very close to the people who can hear you.  i.e. Everyone in a vehicle, then enemy infantry bearing 237 is the most accurate way to communicate.  However, if people are scattered in different places, it is better to use:  Enemy track South of red barn.

Frustrated by being killed? Don’t give up, Squad is a rich game with a steeper learning curve than most games, but its worth it. Pal up with an expended squad, find a friend (or make a friend) and ask them to show you how its done. If you don’t get help, switch squads!

Gameplay Tips

Best Advice Ever !

1)  Communicate, communicate, communicate.

2)  Don't over communicate !

Now while these two tips may seem totally contradictory let me explain....

There is only one thing worse than having a squad leader or a member of the team who does not use their radio well, and that is someone who just won't shut up and rabbits on and on, even if its useful information!

Many of you will not realise that as Squad Leader, on a game with 90-100 players, the squad leader has nine voice channels of their squad to listen to (one for each member if full), plus the commanders channel, plus 8-15 different channels for every other squad leader.  Trust me, in a busy game it is sometimes impossible to hear anyone due to all the radio chatter.

But as a member of the squad you can just hear your squads chatter.

You can help a lot by keeping your radio use short, succinct and useful. 



Squad lead - Where do you want this logi driven to?

Enemy infantry South of hangar 2, 100 metres.

Holding hab at J3, enemy light.

Finished recce of Al Basrah, no sign of enemy.

Enemy hab at F5-3-8.

Low on ammo at HAB at H7.

Enemy capping Port King cap.

Enemy heli flying South over main bridge.

OK - If you have read this far, then you are serious about getting better - The icon on the right will give you one of the best training guides to Squad ever written - Enjoy and good luck!