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Wednesday 24th March Event Planned

Updated: Mar 21

SergeantJam (contact him on Discord) is busy organising our latest event for the 24th March - Exclusively for J4F regulars and will be running on our EVENTS server.

This is standard event where two commanders face off on the game mode Advance and secure.

These commanders will have regulars which make up their teams and as such will make a fun yet competitive showdown. Planning and coordination will be needed to be successful. Think of the saying fast is smooth and smooth is fast that is what a good game plan does. Before the event starts a warm up on the training server may be useful in order to be warm and ready for whatever the event throws at you.

The details below are in reference to the standard Event planned on the 24th of March 2021: Date: 24/03/21 Time 10pm GMT (6pm EST)

Game mode: Advanced and secure Map: Belaya v2 Teams: Great Britain(GB) vs Russian Federation(RUS).

If you would like training for this event please contact our training coordinator in Discord @sergeantjam in order to organise this before the date of the event.

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