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Infantry Individual Tactics - Level 1 - Training Video

NineMills, a J4F member is making a superb set of introduction and advance videos for Squad players.

Here is his first:

Infantry Individual Tactics - Level 1 - Training Video

In this video, we will be looking at individual infantry tactics. We hope to improve your gameplay in your favorite first and third person shooter games, such as Squad, Arma, Call of Duty, Battlefield, DayZ and Escape From Tarkov, on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. This is the first of a 6 part series, showcasing how to use military tactics in first and third person shooters. The following videos will contain Buddy Team Tactics, Fire Team Tactics, Fire Team Leadership, Squad Leadership and Platoon Leadership. In 2010, I noticed all the blue dots on my mini map wasn't working together to achieve a common goal. Since then, I researched and employed realistic military tactics into my games, to a point where I began to develop my own training doctrine. With the help from my community, currently serving and veterans of military forces, the doctrine is now ready to publish. Discord: Song: Tension Mode By:

Shoutout to NMA members, Just Chris, Salty, Viper and Vitoz, for helping film this training video.

Server used for recording: Just4Fun Training Server. Shoutout to John for allow us to film on his server. For more information on Just4Fun, please visit their website at:

Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 1:18 - Weapon Proficiency 3:29 - Reloading 4:07 - Cover Vs Concealment 6:39 - Fire Superiority 7:33 - Movement and Evasion 8:41 - Combat 11:28 - Outro

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