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Irregular Militia Forces Changes in v4.3

OWI have released initial details about the rework of the Irregular Militia Forces.

The Irregular Militia Forces faction is getting an overhaul to bring them more up to par with the other factions in the game. We’ve long felt that the militia were the weakest faction compared to the rest and have been looking forward to bringing them on par with our latest factions. We’ve updated them in a way that also leans into the concept of creating more unique-feeling factions. Eventually we want each faction to have a unique feel, strengths, and weaknesses, leaning into asymmetrical design. For militia our changes have focused around making them more ambush and entrenchment/defensive focused, as well as improving the quality of their infantry since their vehicle line-up still leaves a lot to be desired when compared to conventional factions.

Faction strengths: The faction will excel at rapid mobility, ambushing, entrenchment (ie. defensive positions), and mobile artillery. These strengths will be emphasized by teams who use higher degrees of coordination and communication.

Faction weaknesses: The faction suffers from a weaker line-up of vehicles, especially having no helicopters and older-generation infantry fighting vehicles and main battle tanks. In addition to this they also have weaker command strike abilities compared to conventional factions.



The ambusher is a special role that only the irregular militia forces will have access to. As their name implies, they are expected to lay ambush positions enabling their squad to launch surprise attacks on passing enemy infantry or vehicles, or to provide concealed camouflage positions as part of a larger defensive effort. Having only weapons with iron sights and limited ammunition will mean that they will need to rely on the rest of their squad to help them clean up targets that aren’t taken out in the initial ambush.

You will find them in the ‘direct combat’ roles category. They will make use of a deployable personal camouflage net that will conceal one soldier lying prone on even ground. You will have access to two loadout variants available, one with fragmentation rifle grenades, and one with short-range anti-vehicle hand grenades. These weapons are more difficult to use than their conventional equivalents.

  • Ambusher 01

    • FAL

    • 5x Fragmentation Rifle Grenades

    • 1x Personal Camouflage Net

  • Ambusher 02

    • M4

    • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades

    • 2x RKG-3 Anti-Tank Grenade

    • 1x Personal Camouflage Net


The infiltrator is a close-quarters focused role versatile against infantry and vehicle that will best serve their squad by being present during the opening moments of a close-range ambush or by maneuvering under cover fire to enemies hunkered down in hardpoint positions such as buildings or bunkers, letting their grenades loose and being on point for clearing them out.

They are available in the ‘fire support’ role category and will be of limited use at long range. Similar to the ‘raider’ role of the insurgents faction, they make use of a high-capacity, short-range primary weapon (AKS-74U with 45-round magazines) and fragmentation grenades. In addition to this they also carry a machine pistol as a secondary weapon, and RKG-3 anti-tank grenades.

  • Infiltrator

    • AKS-74U + 45-round magazines

    • Vz 61 Skorpion

    • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades

    • 4x RKG-3 Anti-Tank Grenade



The BM-21 “Grad” is the first MLRS (multiple launcher rocket system) to be added to the game, and arguably the first true self-propelled artillery vehicle that we have added. It fires powerful 122mm rockets with a minimum arming distance of 100 meters, has a minimum firing distance of 900 meters, a maximum firing distance of 1500 meters on even ground, and will only be present on larger maps within the game.

Due to its limited effectiveness at shorter ranges, getting the most bang for your buck out of this weapon system will involve closely communicating and coordinating with spotters to ensure that you are hitting an area populated with relevant targets, and that your rockets are landing on target. It will be used most effectively against mass concentrations of infantry in the open, enemy FOBs, or static light to medium vehicles.


The militia will be receiving several variants of an improvised, up-armored Ural 375, as well as the modern pickup truck. The idea behind these vehicles was to offer a bit more protection to the light vehicles of militia since their overall vehicle line-up is lacking compared to more conventional factions. Hastily-welded steel sheets will protect some of the vehicle’s occupants from small-arms fire although larger caliber ammunition will still pass through.

The up-armored vehicles will provide limited survivability to occupants when inadvertently running into enemy infantry. The up-armored technicals will still be served best by ambushing enemies or used in defensive positions that offer maximum protection. The armored Urals will provide slightly more reliable transport and logistical support for the militia, as they will rely on supplies for their defensive specialization, and doubly-so as they continue to lack helicopter support.



The ZIS-3 field gun is the first of its kind to be added to the game. It is a weapon emplacement, with up to two being able to be constructed within Irregular Militia Forces FOBs. It will have fragmentation, HEAT, and smoke ammunition types available so will be effective against both infantry and vehicles at long range but be cautious as prolonged use will sap a FOB of ammunition supply.

The ZIS-3 will best be employed in ambush positions, covering choke points or used in positions with long lines of sight where the threat of return fire will reduce the likelihood of quickly incapacitating the operator. This weapon is a relic of world war 2 and as such its HEAT ammunition lacks the armor penetration capabilities of modern weapons but will still need to be taken advantage of in order to offset the Irregular Militia Forces’ lack of conventional heavy vehicles.



As part of the update, the Irregular Militia Forces will get access to several new camouflage net fortifications. The lean-to, wall, and canopy will provide multiple opportunities for concealing not only infantry fighting positions but the canopy in particular is large enough to conceal vehicles, HABs, hull-down positions, or can just be used as a decoy position to confuse enemy UAVs.

The camouflage netting fortifications will help the militia both set up ambush positions at critical choke points or simply enhance a larger defensive position.


The hull-down position is a fortification whose primary intent is to offer additional frontal and side armor protection for armored vehicles such as the BMP-1 or T-62 on even ground. Up to two can be built per FOB and will allow the militia’s older-generation armored vehicles to contend against their better conventional counterparts.

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