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Map rotation on J4F

Starting today, our public Squad server will randomly select maps. (Before admins used to setup semi-random selections each day).

How this will work is as follows: The first map of the day will be skirmish, to help seeding. Then the server will randomly select from the majority of maps shipped as standard with Squad.

This does mean that some skirmish maps may appear mid way through a packed server. (we can tweak that by reducing the number of skirmish maps in future). it also means that we cannot guarantee that the same map layer (Tallil for example) wont appear twice in a row. (we cannot do anything about this)

If you look at map preferences with users, there are no real clear winners and losers - Only TC & INS (total control and Insurgency) maps seem to be the least favourite.

So I have reduced the number of TC maps in our list, but kept the default number of INS maps, as I think that as people learn how to play them, they will become more popular.

Please feedback through Discord on what you like / don't like, and we will try and tweak so that the variety suits everyone.

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