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OWI eight playtest for the Infantry Overhaul now live.

  1. Our eighth Infantry Combat Overhaul playtest is from Saturday, 16 September 2023 19:00 to Monday, 18 September 2023 19:00 on Squad - Public Testing. We greatly appreciate everyone's feedback from the past playtests but for this test there will not be an active feedback form in the menu like it has been for the previous tests. We will be looking into alternative ways for you to share your feedback on the overhaul.

PLEASE NOTE: Weapon tuning is subject to change and not finalized.Weapons

  • 1p78 scope improvements: Adjusted tint colour and intensity for better visibility. Added more punchy firing animation.

  • Binoculars no longer "dip" when changing stance.

  • Changed NLAW default guidance mode from PLOS to Direct Attack.

  • G3, FAL, and SKS handling improvements: Reduced recoil muzzle climb. Reduced recoil misalignment. Reduced size of Free Aim zone. Reduced inertia when looking around.

  • Slightly increased recoil penalty while moving.

  • Improved INS RPK recoil and spring config.

  • Improved the view over AK74, PKM, and PKP ironsights when sway is high.

  • Mosin Nagant is now a one shot kill within 400m.

  • QBZ95, L85A2, L86A2 handling improvements: Reduced recoil in ADS and Point Shooting.

  • Reduced non-ADS recoil by 15% on most rifles to make Point Shooting more useful.

  • Reduced the ADS time of several AT weapons.

  • Reduced the size of the Free Aim zone for most rifles to make Point Shooting more useful.

  • Removed the experimental "alternative" ADS pose for the AKM. This may be re-implemented later in another form.

  • SUSAT scope improvements: Reduced the intensity of the ADS animation to prevent motion sickness. Slightly increased the size of the eyebox.


  • Added more grenades to most MEA kits to buff them in close quarters.

  • MEA HAT kit now uses a G3KA4 (was HK51).


  • Interaction prompts no longer appear when in ADS.

  • Squad members now appear in the VOIP speakers list again, Hoorah!


  • Graphics Settings: Made "Scopes Prioritize Clarity" the default option.

  • Optimized PIP scopes when firing to prevent stuttering and frame drops.

  • Re-enabled the ability to turn on FSR.

  • Various other PIP performance optimizations.

  • Addition of Epic Online Services (EOS) for Squads server backend.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a client soft lock related to the server crashing or losing connection

  • Fixed blurry holo sight in some EF88 kits.

  • Fixed deployable mines and explosives not causing suppression when detonated

  • Fixed free aim position being reset every time another player on the server switched weapons.

  • Fixed many inconsistent recoil factors across many rifles and ARs.

  • Fixed many scoped weapons being more affected by suppression camera movement than intended.

  • Fixed one of the BAF HAT kits having a broken scope.

  • Fixed part of the G3 ZPoint optic visibly disappearing on ADS

  • Fixed rockets, missiles, UGLs, and artillery causing suppression without exploding nearby

  • Fixed stamina bar not hiding in some circumstances

  • Fixed the next ADS transition using Bipod speed if the player left the bipoded state without pressing the bipod key

  • Fixed the view through binoculars looking different depending on your configured FOV.

  • Fixed zeroing on many weapons. Let us know if you find any more!

Known Issues

  • EOS may cause connection issues with a server owner's other EOS servers if they're hosted on the same machine. (EOS specific and should not affect players)

  • May have an issue with the Privacy Policy popup not appearing. Joining a server and opening the main menu by pressing ESC will display the popup.

  • Sometimes you're unable to crouch/sprint/jump. (We ask all players report issues regarding this. please INCLUDE your Squad client log from that play session as an attachment to your bug report. for more information check out our ⁠announcements⁠)

  • Unable to click the "give up" button pop-up when incapacitated. (The one in the spawn menu will still work)


  • Added new dev friends to the credits!

NOTE: With this playtest we kindly request participants to report any and all bugs they may encounter during this weekends Infantry Combat Overhaul playtest in the ⁠combat-overhaul-bugs channel. PLEASE FOLLOW the pinned format when reporting bugs as it assists us greatly. This channel is monitored and of immense use to us and we will REMOVE any unnecessary comments, discussion and unrelated messages that do not pertain to bugs as well as issue moderation actions if necessary.

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