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OWI Squad Dev Q&A falls short?

On the 15th August OWI asked Squad players to submit questions for an upcoming Q&A - 247 did, you can see them all HERE.

Today they published their heavily edited list of questions, choosing to answer just 15 of those questions, you can see their responses HERE.

Its a shame that OWI choose to ignore so many burning questions such as, 1) What are they doing about the rampant cheaters in the game (not unique to OWI), 2) What about server stability fixes to prevent server crashes affecting all communities 3) New game modes, 4) Commander overhaul, 5) Heli graphics issues, 6) Plans after the ICO, 7) Greater vehicle variants, 8) Anti Air options 9) Heli fast ropes, 10) Fallujah optimisation, etc etc.

It seems to us that OWI really don't want to answer the most popular questions, with open loose answers - Take this example:

Our translation is: No we won't share future plans with you as we have a history of not delivering planned features, and continually missing deadlines.

A better answer would have been (this is made up!): We won't publish a detailed roadmap externally, but we will commit to introducing 2-3 new maps and at least one faction every year. We are planning on releasing fast ropes for helps in 2024, and we will fix the heli graphics issues by the end of 2023.

OWI don't seem to understand that layers don't need a full scheduled of work with time commitments on every item. What they don't like is being promised nothing, and given loose deadlines for anything that might be a possibility.

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