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OWI to release EMotes & Gestures with v4.2 (Cost, with some free!)

Emotes are animations which you can use to support VOIP communications, interact with each other, celebrate in-game situations, or brighten up down time. We hope they will enhance the social, gameplay, and cinematic aspects of your Squad experience. Our approach to introducing emotes is grounded in authenticity. Above all we wish to preserve the spirit of Squad and protect the immersion that each of you seek in its cooperative experience. Firstly emotes will come in two flavors: Emotes and Gestures. EMOTES AND GESTURES Emotes are full body animations. When triggered they will display a 3rd person view of your character. Moving, aiming down sight, jumping, crouching or going prone, switching gear or similar action will interrupt the emote. Emotes can only be used in the main base or during the staging phase, as they show a 3rd person view, we wanted to make sure players couldn’t use this feature to give themselves an advantage by peeking around corners. Gestures are an upper body hand sign animation that you can trigger. Unlike Emotes it only involves movement of the hands and arms. Gestures happen in 1st person, without obstructing your movement. Gestures offer more leeway before being interrupted, you will be able to move while performing them, however aiming down sight, jumping, going prone, firing your weapon, switching gear or similar action will interrupt the gesture. Gestures are available at all times throughout the battlefield. USING EMOTES The emotes you have acquired can be equipped on the Customize screen which can be accessed from the Main Menu. Once in the Customize screen you can select which emote you wish to equip by simply clicking on it. It will display a preview of the emote as well to help you make a choice. A checkmark on the emote will also inform you of which one you currently have equipped.

Now that we have our emotes equipped, let’s use them!

Before anything, there is a new keybind that activates emotes (X by default) and can be changed in Settings. While in game you can press the assigned key to bring up a radial menu. Hold the Emote key to open the emote wheel and click on an emote of your choice to activate it. This cannot be done while aiming down sights.

On the release of Squad 4.2 we will have a few available options for you to try. Free options will be directly available on release. Other options will be available for purchase a few hours later (Grunt and R&R Pack). Both the Grunt and R&R Pack will be available for 3.99 USD upon release. Prices may vary depending on regional currencies. Take a look at the exhaustive list below to know the content of each pack. FREE – INVENTORY Every player will be receiving for free one Emote and two Gestures in their inventory directly. The Wave Hello (Emote), Point Forward (Gesture) and Move Out (Gesture). Wave Hello – Emote

Point Forward – Gesture

Move Out – Gesture

FREE – RECRUIT PACK The free Recruit Pack will be available to all players on the launch of Squad 4.2. You can claim the pack for yourself from the Main Menu, open the Store and select the Free Recruit Pack. Clicking “Claim” will take you to the Steam store, where you can acquire it for free. It should quickly appear in your inventory of the Customization Menu afterward. The pack includes two Emotes (Salute and Shrug) and two Gestures (Come Here and Thumbs Up). Salute – Emote

Shrug – Emote

Come Here – Gesture

Thumbs Up – Gesture

GRUNT PACK For all of you grunts out there we have the Grunt Pack, it includes one Emote (Slow Clap, best used when your heli pilot misses the landing pad… again). and four Gestures (Horns, Finger Snap, Fist and Palm, and High Ready). Slow Clap – Emote

Horns – Gesture

Finger Snap – Gesture (Can be heard by all nearby players)

Fist and Palm – Gesture (PLA Faction Exclusive)

High Ready – Gesture (Only available with Rifles, Handguns and LMGs)

R&R PACK If you want to let loose a little, the R&R Pack is there for you. It includes one Emote (Facepalm, because really, we all have those moments) and four gestures (Hang Loose, Applause, Shh and Finger Wag). Facepalm – Emote

Finger Wag – Gesture

Applause – Gesture (Can be heard by all nearby players)

Shh – Gesture

Hang Loose – Gesture

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