• John

Squad 3.1 hotfix released

OWI released v3.1 of Squad today at 19:45 to servers - Clients will have to update after 19:00 BST - This is what they say it addresses:


  • Fixed a client crash “CreateUnorderedAccessView”, this was caused by a new water compute shader not being compatible with older machines / older GPU drivers.

  • Fixed a client crash when returning to the main menu. This was related to the waterline post process.

  • Fixed a client crash when loading into a map regarding replication of vehicle seats.

  • Fixed an issue with vehicles getting launched into space after being in the water, causing very poor FPS (<1) and/or client crashes.

  • Fixed an issue with log spam “STEAM Rules response”, reducing the log size on clients.

  • Optimized networking of the environment interaction component to improve server network performance.

  • Fixed an issue AUS F88 (old) scope water invisible through

  • Fixed CAF Coyote ARV turret not passing damage to the vehicle.

  • Fixed M1151 CROWS using the wrong map marker icon.

  • Fixed an issue with USMC AAVP seat configuration on certain variants, unifying the seat configuration to 1 driver + 11 passengers.

  • Adjusted USMC AAVP Mk19 automatic grenade launcher to improve gameplay balance:

  • Rearm cost was increased to 75 ammo points per magazine (up from 8)

  • Time to rearm one magazine was increased to 45 seconds (up from 3)

  • Amount of magazines that could be rearmed at once was limited to 1

  • Currently loaded magazine can’t be rearmed anymore (operator will need to load a new magazine for the current one to be rearmed/refilled)

  • Projectile spread cone angle was increased to 50 MOA (up from 35)