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Squad hotfix v4.5.1 29th May 2023

During the weekend OWI learned of two major issues that were widely reported by the community.

OWI feel that these are important enough to push a hotfix outside of our regular schedule. This v4.5.1 hotfix will go live on 29 May 2023 23:00 and includes the following fixes

  • Fixed an issue where UAV fly zones were blocking interaction with commander airstrikes, making it impossible to call in airstrikes underneath an active UAV.

  • Fixed an issue where different ground sections of the Manicouagan and Black Coast maps were causing underwater effects, blocking your view.

Note: there is still a known smaller similar issue with some Squad Leader line markers blocking some interactions. This will be fixed in a future update. For now, if you need to interact underneath them, a workaround is to delete them.

This update will require both a client and a server side update, and they're not compatible with the previous v4.5.0 version.

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