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Squad Hotfix v6.0.1 Released 5th October 19:00 (BST)

Squad v6.0.1 hotfix is deploying on the 6th October at 19:00 BST.


  • Decreased lateral sway by 10% for all rifles, DMRs, snipers, and AT launchers.

  • Increased rifle ADS speed by 10% when using ironsights and 5% when using reflex sights.

  • Greatly reduced minimum sway for all shoulder-fired anti-tank weapons when fully stabilized and aiming down sights.

  • Reduced arming distance of all handheld anti-tank weapons to 10 meters, with the exception of the NLAW, which is now set to 20 meters.

  • Adjusted weapon inertia on DMRs and sniper rifles to make them more consistent with other rifles and much easier to aim when point shooting.

  • Reduced global LMG and MG bipod sway transition time by 33%, allowing bipodded weapons to stabilize faster.

  • Adjusted damage falloff for the G3 and FAL to allow for a one-hit kill to the torso, upper legs, and upper arms within 20 meters.

  • Increased auto-lowering timer of rifles, ARs, SMGs, DMRs, and Sniper Rifles to 50 seconds for easier room clearing and point shooting.

  • Adjusted the camera perspective shift on AK74 and RPK74 series weapons with iron sights when sway is high. These ironsights should now feel better to use.

  • Reduced sway offset for AK74 series rifles with 1P63 reflex sight by 50% to prevent the reticle from going out of bounds while moving in ADS at maximum stamina and stability.

  • Reduced PLA’s YMA600 scope shadow sensitivity.

  • Made the reticle of the VDV SV-98 thicker to make it easier to read at all magnification levels

  • Added ranging to all BAF weapons equipped with the SUSAT optic.


  • Fixed a bug that caused bipods to not reduce weapon sway at all if the player deployed the bipod while crouched or prone.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause “Host Closed Connection” errors in v6.0. Due to a build issue, the wrong iteration of this fix was included in v6.0; this is now resolved in v6.0.1.

  • The suppression visual effects are now correctly applied to soldiers in all vehicle seats.

  • The PF98 rocket launcher scope sight zeroing is no longer offset at 300m and above.

  • Fixed a bug that caused distracting black triangles to appear on the scope when using the BAF SUSAT optic.

  • In the Settings menu, AA options are now grayed out when FSR2 is enabled, as intended – FSR2 requires AA to be turned on to function. The game also now enforces AA values properly, depending on your “SCOPE IMAGE CLARITY” setting.



  • Standardized starting tickets for a number of map layers. Most layers on larger maps start with 300 tickets, while most layers on smaller maps start with 250 tickets.


  • Invasion v1, v5, v8, v9 – Fixed a bug that could cause certain boats (e.g., the USMC RHIBs) to float or spawn too far away from the dock for players to reach them.

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