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Squad Release v4.0 notes

The update 4.0 will see the introduction of the new People’s Liberation Army (PLA) faction, including mainland China’s land, sea, and air forces. This includes new combined arms faction features: seven new vehicles, fifteen unique weapons & deployables, and a JH7A rocket strike Commander ability. In addition we have included a number of fixes and quality of life improvements into the update as well. FEATURES

  • Added a new faction, the People’s Liberation Army


  • QJY88 General Purpose Machine Gun

  • QBU88 Marksman Rifle

  • QBZ95-1 Rifles

    • QJB-95-1 Automatic Rifle

    • QLG-10 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher

    • QBZ-95B-1 Carbine

  • QSZ92 Pistol

  • DJZ-08 Light Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher

  • PF-98 Heavy Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher

  • Commander Ability: JH7A Close Air Support Rocket Strike


  • PP87 Mortar Emplacement

  • QJZ-89 Heavy Machine Gun Emplacement

  • HJ8 ATGM Emplacement

  • Type86P Hand Frag Grenade

  • Type 72 Anti-Tank Mine

  • DSF161 Smoke Grenade

  • WJQ-308 Entrenching Tool

  • QNL-95 Knife

  • Type95 Binoculars


  • Rifleman (3 variants)

  • Automatic Rifleman (2 variants)

  • Marksman

  • Light Anti-Tank (2 variants)

  • Heavy Anti-Tank

  • Machine Gunner

  • Grenadier

  • Combat Engineer

  • Medic (2 variants)

  • Crewman

  • Pilot

  • Unarmed


  • CTM131 Logistics Truck

    • Variant: CTM131 Transport Truck (with open-top QJY88 GPMG)

    • Variant: CTM131 Transport Truck (with open-top QJZ89 HMG)

  • CSK131 Mengshi Jeep

    • Variant: CSK131 Mengshi Jeep (with HJ8 ATGM)

    • Variant: CSK131 Mengshi Jeep (with open-top QJY88 GPMG)

    • Variant: CSK131 Mengshi Jeep (with open-top QJZ89 HMG)

    • Variant: CSK131 Mengshi Jeep (with remote-controlled QJZ89 HMG)

  • ZSL-10 Wheeled APC (with open-top QJZ89 HMG turret)

  • ZBL-08 Wheeled IFV

    • Variant: ZBL-08 Wheeled IFV (with HJ73C ATGM)

  • ZBD-04A Tracked IFV

  • ZTZ99A Battle Tank

  • Z8G Transport Helicopter


  • Harju

    • RAAS v6 vs USA

    • Invasion v5 vs GB

  • Yehorivka

    • RAAS v13 vs USA

  • Goose Bay

    • RAAS v4 vs CAF

    • Invasion v5 vs CAF

  • Fallujah

    • Invasion v6 vs MEA

    • RAAS v7 vs USMC

  • Sumari

    • Seed v3 vs USA

    • Skirmish v1 vs USA

  • Narva

    • RAAS v6 vs GB

  • Gorodok

    • RAAS v12 vs USA

  • Tallil

    • RAAS v8 vs GB

    • Invasion v5 vs MEA

  • Mutaha

    • RAAS v7 vs RUS

  • Lashkar

    • Invasion v4 vs USA

  • Al Basrah

    • Invasion v8 vs INS

  • Kohat

    • RAAS v10 vs AUS

    • Invasion v4 vs USMC

    • AAS v1 vs USA

  • Chora

    • RAAS v5 vs USA

    • AAS v6 vs USA

  • Logar

    • AAS v1 vs USA

  • Kokan

    • AAS v1 vs USA

  • Pacific Proving Grounds [vs USMC]

  • Jensen’s Range [vs AUS]


  • Updated ATGM System – Once a vehicle has launched the maximum allotted number of anti-tank guided missiles, firing another will cause the oldest currently deployed missile to lose guidance and crash

  • While sprinting, attempting to bandage yourself will now immediately cancel your sprint and start the self-bandaging action

  • Updated the map legend with unique icons for armed transport trucks and APCs with open-top turrets

  • Removed several unnecessary hard references that were negatively impacting performance

  • Made improvements to anti-cheat software

  • Improved the appearance of sprinting from a third-person perspective


  • Fixed a client crash related to grenades

  • Fixed a client crash related to the WorldSettings parameter

  • Fixed an issue where the USMC flag was not appearing on the server browser menu

  • Fixed an issue where the AUS MRH90 Helicopter was missing its vehicle reset options

  • Fixed an issue where players could shoot through the floor of certain houses

  • Fixed an issue where players would automatically switch to their rifle after planting an anti-tank mine

  • Fixed a rare issue where players could become invulnerable to damage after using the admin camera feature in a certain way

  • Fixed a rare issue where players could be disconnected from their server after pushing a helicopter from the tail

  • Fixed several issues with water sound effects

  • Fixed various performance issues regarding oceans and water intensity

  • Fixed an issue where frag grenades were not doing appropriate damage in the tutorial

  • Fixed a minor visual issue where clouds of smoke could sometimes stick to vehicles instead of behaving normally

  • Fixed several issues with vehicle sound effects

  • Fixed a visual issue with the top hatches of BMP-2 desert vehicles

  • Fixed several issues relating to graphics settings, including one in which certain settings would reset upon exiting the game

  • Fixed an issue where toggle lean options were not behaving properly

  • Fixed several small visual and collision issues relating to indirect fire shelters

  • Fixed a server crash related to CAF


  • General

    • Fixed an issue where players could shoot vehicle-mounted guns inside of the main base on certain layers

  • Harju

    • Fixed a collision issue at the WundaMart side entrance

    • Fixed various visual issues involving floating and incorrectly placed assets

    • Fixed inconsistencies regarding the name of the Forest Industrial flag across layers

    • Fixed an issue where the MTLB would spawn outside of the main base on RAAS v2

    • Fixed a hole in the ground near the missile silo

    • Fixed an issue where the RUS forward spawn would occasionally spawn players in the air on Invasion v1

    • Fixed an issue where the CAF staging phase barrier was preventing access to ammo crates on Skirmish v2

    • Fixed an issue where some deployables were incorrectly being blocked by water

    • Fixed incorrect Finnish spelling on Invasion v1

    • The “Bog” flag on RAAS v3, v4, v5, and v6 is now called “Marsh”

  • Fallujah

    • Fixed an issue where certain INS vehicles were too far out of range to be supplied at the main base on Invasion v2

  • Narva

    • Fixed an issue where the RAAS v5 layer was incorrectly labeled

    • Fixed an issue where a HAB could not be built near the Marina cap zone due to problems with the water level

  • Al Basrah

    • Fixed an issue where rocks and foliage appeared to float in certain areas on AAS v1

    • Fixed an issue where the river could stop appearing in certain situations


  • Updated mod SDK to v4.0

  • Updated mod versioning to v4.0. This requires mods to be re-cooked with the v4.0 SDK—any mods using the v3.4 SDK will be incompatible with v4.0.

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