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Squad v2.15 - The Australians have arrived...

Squad v2.15 will be released on Wednesday, April 13th at 19:00 UTC.

Squad v2.15 continues Squad’s new release cadence, with our team working to provide more frequent updates as we move forward. It is the third update of the year (not counting Hotfixes). The most obvious part of the v2.15 Update is the much anticipated release of the Australian Army. This light infantry focused faction has a Bullpup primary, and a unique Combat Engineer split to offer players expanded options on the field. Also a feature in v2.15 is improvements to FOB Deployables including new additions such as camouflage netting that will help conceal soldiers who are using the FOB for cover. The team has also updated and replaced most particle VFX with improved visual fidelity and major performance optimizations.

We’ve made a host of other gameplay changes which are listed below in the Changelog, as well as addressed numerous bugs.


  • New Faction – Australia

  • Squad welcomes the folks from down under to the fight

  • Light infantry focused

  • Bullpup primary

  • Unique Combat Engineer split


  • Camouflage Pattern: AMCU (new)

  • Pistol: Hi power pistol MK3 (new)

  • Main Rifle (Non Magnified Optic): EF88 + Eotech 552 (new)

  • Main Rifle (Magnified Optic): EF88 + Elcan Specter 4x (new)

  • Grenadier: EF88 + SL40 UGL (new)

  • Designated Marksman (DMR): HK417 (new)

  • Light Machine Gun (LMG): F89 Minimi (new)

  • General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG): Maximi (new)

  • Hand Grenade: Australian F1 Frag (new)

  • Smoke Grenade: M18 (Same as USA/GB/CAF)

  • Timed Explosive: CompB Explosive (new)

  • Light Anti-Tank (LAT): M72 LAW (Same as USA/GB/CAF)

  • Heavy Anti-Tank (HAT): Carl Gustaf (Same as USA/CAF)

  • Crewman & Pilot: EF88C (new)

  • Knife: SOCP (new)

  • Binoculars: AUS Binoculars (new)


  • Logistics Vehicle: HX60 (Retextured GB asset)

  • Unarmed Transport Vehicle: HX60 (Retextured GB asset)

  • Armoured Car:

  • PMV Open Top Mag58 (new)

  • PMV Open Top 3x Mag58 (new)

  • PMV RWS M2 (new)

  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV): ASLAV-25 (new)

  • Main Battle Tank (MBT): M1A1 Abrams (Modified USA asset)

  • Transport Helicopter:

  • MRH90 (new)

  • AUS UH60 (Retextured USA asset)


  • HMG: M2 Emplacement (Same as USA/GB/CAF)

  • ATGM: BG71 TOW Emplacement (Same as USA/GB/CAF)

  • Mortar: 81mm F2 Emplacement (Same as USA/GB/CAF)

Commander Assets

  • Commander CAS: F/A-18 Rocket Strike

  • Commander Artillery

  • 12 Cannon Salvo Circle (Same as USA/GB/CAF)

  • 12 Cannon Salvo Line (Same as USA/GB/CAF)

  • Commander UAV: MQ-9 Reaper (Same as USA/GB/CAF)

Map Layers for AUS

  1. Anvil AAS v1

  2. Anvil AAS v2

  3. Anvil Invasion v1

  4. Anvil Invasion v2

  5. Anvil RAAS v3

  6. Anvil RAAS v4

  7. Anvil Skirmish v1

  8. Anvil TC v1

  9. Al Basrah Invasion v3

  10. Al Basrah AAS v3

  11. Chora AAS v4

  12. Chora RAAS v3 – features old school F88 Rifles. 2 pre-captured flag, INS start with extra 40 tickets

  13. Fallujah Invasion v4

  14. Fallujah RAAS v4

  15. Fool’s Road RAAS v4

  16. Gorodok RAAS v7

  17. Gorodok RAAS v8 – new layout with 2 pre-captured flag, MIL start with extra 40 tickets

  18. Jensen’s Range v6

  19. Kamdesh AAS v1

  20. Kamdesh Insurgency v1

  21. Kamdesh Invasion v4

  22. Kamdesh Invasion v5

  23. Kamdesh Invasion v6

  24. Kamdesh RAAS v5

  25. Kamdesh RAAS v6 – new layout with 1 pre-captured flag.

  26. Kamdesh Skirmish v1

  27. Kamdesh TC v3

  28. Kohat AAS v3

  29. Kohat RAAS v8

  30. Kokan AAS v3

  31. Kokan RAAS v3

  32. Lashkar AAS v3

  33. Lashkar AAS v4

  34. Lashkar Invasion v2

  35. Lashkar RAAS v2

  36. Lashkar RAAS v3

  37. Lashkar Skirmish v1

  38. Lashkar TC v4

  39. Logar AAS v3

  40. Mutaha AAS v3

  41. Mutaha Invasion v3

  42. Mutaha RAAS v2

  43. Mutaha RAAS v3

  44. Sumari AAS v3

  45. Sumari Seed v2

  46. Tallil RAAS v5

  47. Tallil Invasion v4

  48. Yehorivka AAS v3

  49. Yehorivka RAAS v8


Upgrade package for defensive deployables

  • Added camouflage nets to many deployables: Pillbox sandbags, HMG bunkers, HASCO bunkers, Indirect Fire Shelters, HABs.

Design Intention: This is intended to make it harder to spot soldiers using deployables for cover. One side of the camo netting appears semi-transparent up close, while the side facing the enemy is fully opaque. This is intended to make using these deployables more effective for defence, as well as offsetting the impact of the new muzzle flashes.

  • Added a new deployable – fortified HASCO Observation Tower for all conventional factions.