• John

Squad v2.16 released 18th May 2022.

Updated: May 18

OWI release will release Squad v2.16 on Wednesday 18th May 2022..

V2.16 will be the fourth update to Squad this year (not including Hotfixes).

While there are dozens of improvements, fixes, and other changes in v2.16, the most prominent are the addition of three new vehicles for the Canadian Armed Forces faction, a INS emplacement Hell Cannon for the Insurgent faction, and the new Seeding Mode that will help Server Owners better populate Squad servers. Squad v2.16 will be released on Wednesday, May 18th at 18:00 UTC.



  • M113A3 APC (3 variants)

  • M113A3 C6 Open Turret

  • M113A3 M2 Open Turret

  • M113A3 TLAV Enclosed Turret

  • LUVW Light Jeep (4 variants):

  • LUVW Transport Jeep

  • LUVW Logistics Jeep

  • LUVW C6 Jeep

  • LUVW M2 Jeep