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From OWI: We are very happy to announce that the next update for Squad will be coming on August 24th! This update will focus on some fine tuning of weapons, kits, vehicles and of course, game performance.

As we announced in the last Developer Q&A, we are taking the time with our next few updates to go through the optimization process of Squad to help with performance. Our focus is on doing it right, ensuring the larger scale changes make a performance difference, and do not degrade visual quality, or create new technical debt. Changes coming with 3.2 are some of the smaller, easy improvements that we are knocking off our list as we look to the bigger performance areas we need to tackle.

In addition to the 3.2 update, we’ve already started on an ongoing series of art review and asset optimization passes to reduce performance cost and fix technical issues, including LODs, texture memory, collision, lighting UVs and shadows among others.

Long-term improvements such as map-by-map asset audit, simplifying overly-complex assets and the like will come later down the line. Expect to hear more from us again on this topic as we continue our commitment to deliver more updates!

On the side of weapon tweaks, you will be excited to learn that the BRDM and BTR80 have been buffed, and that Sapper and Combat Engineers will receive more AT mines to deploy. The mines will now only explode when a vehicle drives directly over the mine with its wheels/tracks. And finally let’s not skip over the improved new vehicle gunner smoke effects that we hope you’ll appreciate!

While this update is of a smaller scale compared to a major one like 3.0, we are still looking forward to hearing your reactions and feedback. Everyone on the Squad team would like to thank our players, partners, and server owners for their continued support. We’ve been keeping a close eye on all of your feedback related to 3.0, and appreciate everyone that has taken the time to share their thoughts and feedback with us. This feedback has been helping to further drive our development focus for the upcoming months.

Be sure to check back next week for our Release Notes which will have the full list of additions, and fixes coming to the game in v3.2.

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