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Squad v3.2 Released 24th August - Full release notes


  • Updated the KPVT 14.5mm HMG damage, firing rate, accuracy, armor penetration & overheating parameters to better align with real-world performance, and bring it more in line with similar class weapons’ performance.

    • Increased damage per shot to 220 (up from 170).

    • Increased rate of fire to 600 rounds/min (up from 400).

    • Increased bullet spread to 2.3 MOA (up from 1.5).

    • Increased armor penetration to 32mm at 500 meters (up from 27mm).

    • Adjusted weapon overheating so now the weapon should be able to fire at least 2 full magazines, and then some, before overheating.

  • Updated AT mines with a number of improvements.

    • Reduced the size of the “trigger” collider – AT mines will now only explode when a vehicle drives directly over the mine with its wheels / tracks.

    • Added the ability to pick AT mines up, and place them in your inventory.

      • Only available when the mine is in an undug state.

      • Only available to kit roles who have the same AT mine type in their loadout.

      • Cannot be picked up when inventory has full mines.

  • Reduced ammo cost to 35, from 50.

  • Increased the amount of mines available in kit role loadouts:

    • Conventional Combat Engineer – now 3, up from 1.

    • Irregular Sapper – now 2, up from 1.

    • AUS Combat Engineer Kit 1 – now 4, up from 2.

  • Updated infantry sprint controls for improved user experience & input responsiveness:

    • Can now hold or toggle sprint diagonally from ADS.

    • Sprint key input is now registered if pressed before entering movement control input (only with “HOLD SPRINT” set).

    • Sprint key input is now registered if pressed while pressing movement controls in a non-sprintable direction (only with “HOLD SPRINT” set).

  • Updated all vehicle-launched smoke VFX. The new VFX have improved visual aesthetics, improved animations / smoothness, thicker smoke, and last longer.

  • Updated vehicles with new behavior when they become submerged – if a vehicle becomes completely submerged, any soldiers in open seats will get ejected from the vehicle. This has currently been configured for a range of vehicles with open seats, with the rest being configured in a future update.

  • Updated water damage drowning for infantry to be more consistent when entering water with low health. Drowning in water should no longer be able to kill you instantly when below 51 hp. Incapacitation by drowning should now almost always take exactly two ticks of water damage over 14 seconds; you will only go down with 1 tick of water damage when below 5 hp.

  • Adjusted M249 iron sights slightly forward away from the camera.

  • Adjusted Vz61 Skorpion iron sights slightly forward away from the camera.

  • Adjusted several Non-magnified Automatic Rifleman Kit Roles Frag Grenade inventories:

    • CAF AR 01 (Non-magnified C9) – 1x C13 Frag

    • INS AR 01 (Non-magnified RPK) – 2x F1 Frag

    • INS AR 02 (Non-magnified RPD) – 1x F1 Frag

    • MEA AR 01 (Non-magnified G3A3 Drum) – 1x F1 Frag

    • MIL AR 01 (Non-magnified RPK74) – 2x RGD Frag

    • MIL AR 02 (Non-magnified Minimi) – 1x RGD Frag

  • Adjusted the CAF M113A3 TLAV APC to no longer require a Crewman kit role for operating the turret.

  • Updated RHIB Watercraft handling. It now has a small rudder, allowing small changes in direction even when the engine is not providing thrust, so long as the boat has enough forward speed. This should make precise maneuvering easier, especially when approaching / near the shore.

  • Updated RHIB Watercraft to now include faction flags for easier identification.

  • Adjusted the visual deploy animation of the Browning HP pistol, soldiers will now turn off the safety (changed from cocking the hammer back).

  • Adjusted the look of the CAF / GB smoke grenade canisters – they all now use more true-to-life markings: L83, L100, L68, L69, L70 and L71 grenades.


  • Updated the look of the HUD compass with a cleaner, more minimal styling to improve user experience:

    • Updated the font size, shadows and layout to improve readability.

    • Removed diagonal arrows from SL map markers that are also shown on compass.

    • Added a high precision bearing mode that will auto-toggle on when a player is using a Mortar or UB32.

    • Added an option to add a shaded backdrop to the compass for improved readability against different backgrounds.

    • Added a toggle option to place the compass at the top of the screen

    • Both background and placement can be changed in Settings -> Interface menu. Additionally you can toggle top/bottom via keybind.

  • Updated the “DEPLOY” screen – the “ROLE LOADOUT” screen and “ROLE QUICK SELECT” panel on the “DEPLOY” screen have been combined.

    • The detailed equipment info which used to appear in the “ROLE LOADOUT” screen will now pop out as a panel and overlay the map when a player hovers their mouse over a kit role on the “ROLE SELECT” panel.

    • When hovering over a specific kit role, you can scroll up or down with your mousewheel to highlight different loadout items and see each item’s detailed info.

  • Updated the Server browser:

    • Adjusted the width / position of- and aligned the columns.

    • Removed the unused sub-faction symbols column from the server list and the server details panel.

    • Removed the unused friends column.

  • Updated the list of red “enemy spotted” map markers to include a marker for enemy Repair Stations.

  • Adjusted the main menu power icon to now say Exit and improved the Exit button UI flow.


  • Updated the default values for VOIP Command channel/Squad channel Left/Right ear split to now be split by default (was not split previously). This is still configurable in the Audio Settings menu.

  • Updated VOIP volume settings with new default values:

    • Command VOIP new default – 1.40 (instead of 1.00).

    • Squad VOIP new default – 1.70 (instead of 1.00).

    • Local VOIP new default – 1.90 (instead of 1.00).

  • Updated AK74 close firing sounds with a bit more punch, and made them more distinct from M4/M16 sounds.

  • Updated 40mm grenades with a new blast sound when hitting trucks.


  • Optimized water VFX, specifically related to amphibious vehicles.

  • Optimized a large amount of particles in-game by no longer having their collision tick in pre-physics.

  • Optimized the USS Essex to perform better, including optimizing its radar dishes, boat and props collision, interior lighting and texture memory usage.

  • Optimized several foliage assets used on Black Coast to improve visual look and map performance.

  • Optimized LODs on a foliage set used across multiple maps for performance.

  • Optimized some Environment Art assets to reduce performance cost and fix some technical issues by reviewing and fixing / improving LODs, materials, UVs, and deactivating shadows on asset decals.


  • Fix attempt for a client crash – OnRep_CurrentSeat array.

  • Fixed a client crash around VOIP when a player connected and/or disconnected as another player started transmitting. An additional check was added to prevent access violation.

  • Fixed a client crash that was caused by Squad Voice, crashing upon spawning, validity not getting checked before setting volume multiplier.

  • Fixed a long standing UI issue where the Radial menu would sometimes get stuck after leaving a vehicle or interacting with an ammo crate.

  • Fixed a long standing issue with AT backblast VFX instantly disappearing if the player switched weapons. The backblast smoke will now linger regardless if the player switches their weapon.

  • Fixed an issue with Vehicle Turret launched smoke canisters and Vehicle Driver smoke generator VFX instantly disappearing if vehicle was destroyed. The smoke VFX will now linger regardless if the vehicle gets destroyed.

  • Fixed an audio issue, sprinting through water was missing sounds.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with amphibious vehicles driving faster in water while upside down.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with infantry water damage frequency being incorrect. Players were getting a high amount of damage immediately after submerging into the water, shortly after being out of the water.

  • Fixed a strange gameplay issue with the MTLB. When a player walked up the stairs of Mutaha at grid D4-1-5, they would teleport to the top of the MTLB (Yeah 0_0…). This was a result of the vehicle’s weapon not being net relevant to the player and not having their position updated on the client. Moved the armor mesh component off of the weapon and onto the turret.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue where FOB Radios and other deployables could be placed outside the map border, this should no longer be possible.

  • Fixed an issue where clients would freeze when shooting at MEA Simir Jeeps.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with Rally Points being destroyed incorrectly in certain circumstances. A deployed Rally Point would get unintentionally destroyed if a teammate switched teams while being close to the Rally Point.

  • Fixed a control issue with the crouch button input not always getting processed properly when using toggle crouch.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the USS Essex dry-deck lighting placement and intensity.

  • Fixed a UI issue with the radial menu. When Holding T (radial menu) and walking away from an ammo box or HAB, the T radial menu would incorrectly get closed.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with FOBs not detecting a decrease in the amount of limited deployables. This affected Observation Towers, Ladders and Bunkers.

  • Fixed an FX issue with the RHIB, where the mist FX was disappearing too quickly when the vehicle exited the water for brief periods of time.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the MIL/INS Ural 375 Truck wheel setup, the substepping config had similar issues as Kamaz5350 Truck.

  • Fixed a visual issue with USMC LAV25 ARV having purple viewports.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the USMC LAV25 ARV being able to self damage by clipping the turret barrel through the spare tire.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the USMC AAVP7A1 APC woodland, which was incorrectly using a desert gunner turret.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the USMC AAV wheel rigging.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the USMC AAV track skirts having a small section that could be vaulted through.

  • Fixed a visual issue with USMC body textures normals being flipped.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the USMC M1A1 MBT’s commander turret attachment out of position.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the USMC M939 Truck and the USMC MATV TOW. The vehicle’s chevron arrow’s were oriented incorrectly.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with AUS PMV Armored car having gaps in its armor mesh.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the AUS EF88 Grenadier being able to fire all 3 smoke grenades without reloading by swapping to/from the EF88 rifle.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the CAF TAPV spare wheel mesh. Adjusted spare wheel material to new rubber mat that doesn’t pass damage to the hull.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the CAF CH-146, the helicopter model had various geometry holes and shading issues.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the CAF C7A2 rifles, C8 rifles and CAF TLAV APC chassis smoothing groups.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the CAF CH146 Helicopter’s tail fin armor mesh.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the INS BTR-80 APC Gunner & Commander’s turret zoom overlay not working properly.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the GB FV107 Scimitar HAT damage type multiplier.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with vehicle weapon inventory. The vehicle weapons origin point net dormancy is now being flushed to avoid clients having weapons that exist at origin until only when they are needed.

  • Fixed a visual issue with 7mm vehicle glass armor physmat, to ensure that hits on armored windows of vehicles will play the proper VFX/SFX.

  • Fixed a visual issue with AK74 and AKM desyncing between the soldier and weapon animations upon getting equipped.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the RHIB steering wheel not turning when steering in 1st person, and RHIB drivers not animating when viewed from 3rd person.

  • Fixed glitchiness with the prone animation on several rifles – M4, M16, C7, C14, G3 GK79, HK417 and M110. They all used to make use of the prone cradle-carry crawling animation, which resulted in their hands not always lining up with the actual carry handle location on the weapon’s mesh, which looked odd. These weapons now make use of the default prone crawling animation.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the infantry weapon raised animation state while in water. This state was not properly getting cleared when a player entered a vehicle while the weapon raise state was active, which resulted in the player still having their hands raised for proxies when exiting a vehicle on land.

  • Fixed some minor audio artifacts on the Main Menu Theme music by updating it with a remastered version.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the Commander ticket penalty. Using the Respawn command or teamkilling did not apply the correct Commander death ticket penalty (was only subtracting -1 ticket instead of -2).

  • Fixed an audio issue where vehicle explosion sounds were played delayed after the explosion.

  • Fixed a visual issue with deployable ghosts. SL’s/Engineers/etc could see the deployable placement ghosts when riding in vehicles.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the INS GP-25 Grenade Launcher. The projectile would explode near-instantaneously if it was fired while prone and zeroed to 400m or above.

  • Fixed an issue with arrow and text log spams.


    • Added a new map layer – Al Basrah Invasion v7 (MEA vs INS), similar layout to Al Basrah Invasion v2, but with these 2 legendary factions vying for control.

    • Anvil Fixes:

      • Fixed a gap between the landscape terrain and rocks grid E4-5-8

  • Belaya Fixes:

    • Fixed various floating grass and foliage.

    • Fixed various floating statics in the Industrial Yard area.

    • Fixed a coal decoration object that was sticking through a wall.

    • Fixed misaligned doors, forcing players to crouch to get thru grid F3-5-7

    • Fixed floating foliage in the underground tunnels.

    • Fixed color changing LOD’s on various apartment buildings.

    • Fixed a gap between a boulder and landscape grid G8-4-8.

    • Fixed some fences culling at too short of a range grid G3-9-9.

  • Black Coast Updates & Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with unintentional ocean wave SFX playing in the SW of map grid B11.

    • Updated Black Coast Invasion v1, v2, v3 to now remove the attackers forward base supply volume from whichever shore spawn (East or West) that was not selected on that instance.

    • Optimized the texture and shader for two decals so they are properly power of 2 and can be texture streamed.

    • Optimized tree LOD distances to improve performance by having proxy LOD render closer to the player.

    • Optimized all trees to now use occlusion for improved optimization.

    • Optimized tree types by combining them to improve instancing.

    • Updated the Black Coast loading screen to include a new music track specific for Black Coast.

    • Fixed duplicate water body at lake in grid E5.

    • Fixed a rough seam for a decal in Torpedo Factory grid G9.

    • Fixed an issue with the lower quality surrounding terrain being visible too and sticking through landscape terrain on the NW and SE of map.

    • Fixed various floating roads that players could hide under grids G9-6-2/G8-3-6/H9-7-7/K8-8-1.

    • Fixed a floating staircase on a house grid F4.

    • Fixed a door frame in a barn at the Pig Farm that was misaligned and had a highly visible seam.

    • Fixed an issue with players clipping into the retaining wall grid H10-3-9.

    • Fixed various other floating foliage and roads.

    • Fixed other minor map bugs related to Black Coast.

  • Fallujah Fixes:

    • Fallujah Invasion v1 – Fixed a player model chillin at grid B4-5-7.

    • Fixed two redundant water planes from south swamp.

    • Fixed invisible barbed wire pain volume grid B5-3-8.

  • Goose Bay Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with a transparent rock face near Train Yard grid D3-2-5.

  • Jensen Range Fixes:

    • Updated Helicopter Pads to now have protection zones.

  • Logar Valley Fixes:

    • Fixed a previously inaccessible house to allow access, to avoid potential FOB Radio placement abuse.

    • Fixed a gap in a wall grid D3-4-1

    • Fixed some bush and small tree foliage that had unintentional collision affecting vehicles.

    • Fixed a doorway that required players to crouch to enter despite visually looking tall enough to walk through, grid C3-4-7.

    • Fixed various floating grass foliage.


  • Updated default layer rotation cfg to include Pacific Proving Grounds, but is now commented out by default.

  • Fixed an issue with Admin Cam – Admins would temporarily get a black screen after switching teams while in admin cam.


  • Added a new lightweight DebugLayers to be used as Layer Overrides.

  • Added an “Editor Only” tick-box in Layer Data Assets, when true the Layer Validator will skip the Chunk Settings check (useful for dev and test layers).

  • Added a validity check before calling input toggle handler lambda function, to make sure it is bound and calling it won’t crash the editor.

  • Added a new script action to delete components with a defined tag from a capture zone when it gets owned by a specified team.

  • Added a new script for Invasion layers to remove protection zones from unused forward beach main bases.

  • Added a new component that enables replication of certain components on owning actor.

  • Added an option to keep lasting effects for things like AT weapons and vehicle deployed smoke.

  • Updated BP Ocean to decouple the colour from the bp.

  • Updated the error message for “ID is not unique” validation error. The message will now list the paths of all assets which are illegally referencing the same Data Table Row.

  • Updated the Narva Ocean to now live in the weather layer instead of the Geo layer.

  • Moved all vehicles from the single vehicle data table into individual faction specific vehicle data tables, which now live in the Settings/Vehicle/faction folders. Removed the single vehicle data table.

  • Standardized the naming convention for all vehicle data assets / vehicle data tables to include faction abbreviation prefix.

  • Renamed Jensen’s Range umap names to include faction names instead of v1-v5.

  • Renamed Insurgent Vehicle data asset folder to “INS” (was “Irregular”) for consistency.

  • Removed an old unused Anvil lighting layer.

  • Fixed a tools issue in SQValidator_VehicleWeaponBlueprint, that was causing false validation failures.

  • Fixed the issue with Layer Overhaul validator “ID not unique” errors not logging all affected files.

  • Fixed an issue with Layer Validator not checking Chunk Settings of Layers in plugins.

  • Fixed Kohat Gameplay folder spelled incorrectly.

  • Fixed Anvil Gameplay Layer Data folder spelled incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue with the voice module while in editor. This module was consuming all input, so when the editor was open, if the voice module was enabled then you would lose audio. The voice module will now always be disabled in editor no matter what that config is set to.

Clear Cache to resolve residual issues

  • If you are experiencing issues, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE” after updating.

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