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Squad v3.3 update notes

The v3.3 update will focus on bug fixes, gameplay and user interface (UI) updates, map updates, and overall focus on Quality-of-Life improvements to the game. This includes an update to the Vehicle Recovery System to allow helicopters and some other vehicles to be reset, the addition of a new Russian MT-LB Amphibious variant, the introduction of a new HUD toggleable list for Squad leaders to see the status of each member of the squad and many more small changes that we hope you’ll appreciate.

We’ve made a whole lot of other gameplay changes which are listed below in the Changelog, as well as addressed numerous bugs.

Squad v3.3 will be released on Wednesday, September 28th.

Extra Attention: For the v3.3 update, the game will automatically force-clear your settings cache on launch due to changes in the settings backend not being compatible with old settings config files. Preserving pre-v3.3 settings files can result in misconfigured / unintended game settings. Make sure to review and reconfigure your settings after installing the update!


  • Updated the Vehicle Recovery System to also allow helicopters & some other vehicles to now be reset.

    • Added the ability to push RHIB boats, motorcycles and helicopters to get them out of difficult positions. For example, you can push RHIB boats back into the water after beaching them.

    • Helicopter recovery requires the helicopter engine to be turned OFF. A tooltip in the recovery UI will inform the player to turn the engine off before trying to use vehicle recovery.

    • Vehicle Push wait time is 8 seconds.

    • Initial Vehicle Reset Recovery wait time is 30 seconds.

    • Consecutive attempts to reset a vehicle within a 15 second window since the last reset attempt will now take 8 seconds, to be more forgiving when needing multiple reset attempts.

  • Added a new Russian MT-LB Amphibious Logistics variant:

    • Carries 1000 construction points, 1000 ammo points.

    • Can deploy FOB Radios.

    • Enclosed turret equipped with PKT 7.62mm machine gun with limited ammo.

    • No crewman requirement.

    • Currently available on Narva Invasion v5, Skorpo Invasion v4.

  • Fixed a desync where demolition charges and IEDs could apply damage several seconds before the VFX and SFX played.

  • Improved the drag calculation for amphibious vehicles – this mainly addresses issues with vehicles entering water bodies at high speeds, which includes fixing an infrequent client / server crash.

  • Updated the radial menu UI for picking up AT mines, to show a message when the player cannot pick one up.

  • Updated the Hell Cannon emplacement to use the precision compass mode, and adjusted the turning speed to match the turning speed of mortars.

  • Optimized scope blur components by disabling local updates for scope blur components on other players.

  • Optimized overall performance and fixed some hitches related to audio by offloading audio decompression to a separate engine thread. Refactored vehicle water movement code.


  • Added a new “HUD Squad List”

    • This hideable HUD list is intended to give Squad leaders quick access to critical status information on their squad, such as player names, roles, Incap/KIA status, whether they are inside a vehicle, and whether they are speaking on VOIP.

    • The HUD Squad List can be hidden using the “Y” key (default keybind – can be reconfigured under “SETTINGS” > “CONTROLS” > “GENERAL”).

    • Design Intention: The HUD Squad List is intended to aid squad communication, coordination and cohesion by ensuring you know who is in your squad, what Fireteams they are in, what kits they are using, and their current status, without needing to break game flow by opening the “DEPLOYMENT” screen. This will help improve the SL’s situational awareness, while remaining minimalistic and staying out of the way of the game’s visuals.

  • Updated the appearance of the VOIP speakers list on the HUD, which will display above the HUD Squad List when it is open.

  • Updated player directional map icons; when fully zoomed out these now show as simple dot icons. This is intended to help declutter the map and mind.

  • Updated the map Capture Point flag icon opacity to be more opaque/prominent when the map is fully zoomed out, fading in as you zoom in closer.

  • Adjusted map Capture Point name text to remain fully opaque at all zoom levels.

  • Updated the pre-match game mode intro animation to help better inform players of current Game Mode objectives.

  • Updated the FOB radio map icon to show build/exclusion radius when hovered over with the mouse, when “Toggle Viewing FOB Radii” under map settings is toggled off.

  • Updated the FOB radio map icon to show construction / ammo supply when hovered over with the mouse, when “Toggle Viewing FOB Supply Points” under map settings is toggled off.

  • Updated the red enemy FOB radio map marker to show build/exclusion radius when hovered over with the mouse.

  • Adjusted the red enemy FOB and HAB map markers to no longer fade out over time – they will now remain visible on the map until manually removed.


  • Fixed a client crash in ASQHUD::OnPlayerTalkingStateChanged when the PlayerState was not valid.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with deployables placement, which caused their cost in construction points to be deducted before the placement was fully validated. This sometimes resulted in a loss of construction points without spawning a deployable.

  • Fixed a visual/gameplay issue with the BMP2 and BFV guided missile having blinding smoke from 1p when firing, preventing effective in-flight guidance.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the S5 rocket trails having big dragonball flames.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the AUS Maximi Specter MG ADS sway not being tuned correctly.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the T72 (both the B3 and S variants) & T62 tanks, which caused them to burn at 4x higher rate than other MBTs, when under 10% HP threshold.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the health repair limit for the hand repair tool, which prevented players from being able to repair Technicals above the burning threshold.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with Ammo Box interaction. When Player A was at an ammo box selecting options, if Player B walked between Player A and the ammo box, Player A’s radial interaction menu would close, frequently resulting in Player A accidently shooting and possibly killing a teammate due to trying to click an option in the radial interaction menu.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with CAF LUVW jeeps unintentionally having Commander Action activation zone component, which resulted in Commander being able to use support actions near them.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with amphibious vehicle movement in ankle deep water – amphibious vehicles were able to drive extremely quickly in ankle deep water due to water thruster activating prematurely.

  • Fixed a visual issue with third-person sprinting animation while the weapon was lowered, which sometimes caused the weapon to be lower than intended.

  • Fixed a visual issue with Engine destruction VFX explosion clouds sticking to vehicles when moving.

  • Fixed an issue with anti-tank mines where they could be dug down beneath road meshes, hiding their pressure plate, thus making them invisible. As vehicles are intended to always have a small visual indication of the threat of a mine, they will now always have their pressure plate visible when fully dug down.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the USMC LAV-25 woodland variants turret not passing damage to the vehicle.

  • Fixed a visual issue where the USMC SMAW spotting rifle used RPG backblast VFX.

  • Fixed various issues with and improved the backend of our graphics settings menu to fix bugs related to proper application of settings in various scenarios, fix improperly defined settings values, address graphics exploits, and allow for easier and more reliable changes related to graphics settings by developers in future.

  • Fixed a UI issue with IED’s, which unintentionally showed a “Press F to interact” message.

  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the USMC M1A1 turret armor thicknesses being incorrectly configured.


  • Optimized Anvil, Black Coast, Lashkar map layers by disabling the unused AI System.

  • Updated the materials settings to two sided for multiple static environment assets.

  • Updated / Optimized Reflection Captures and resaved map layers which had excessive file sizes.

  • Fixed collisions on Eastern European stone_wall set so collision orientation aligned with mesh on x/y/z axis. This mismatch caused issues when the mesh was resized.

  • Anvil

    • Fixed minor visual bugs

    • Fixed gaps behind rock cliff and rubble pile.

  • Black Coast

    • Added new map layer – Black Coast Invasion v4 (RUS vs MIL)

    • Fixed material slots on map placed chain link fences due to optimization changes.

  • Fallujah

    • Removed barbed wire and pain volumes from MEA main due to them glitching players.

  • Kokan

    • Updated the river to use the new water system. River depth is now waist deep.

  • Manic-5

    • Fixed an issue with a rocky piece of terrain that had no collision grid I5-2-1.

    • Fixed several floating sidewalks.

    • Fixed several rocks at grid H10-1-1 that were incorrectly scaled and had problems with collision.

    • Fixed an issue with the water plane which was showing above the landscape at the eastern Dam.

  • Mutaha

    • Updated the river to use the new water system. The river below the dam is now waist deep; the river above the dam requires amphibious vehicles to cross, with the exception of the northern edge.

    • Updated the minimap to reflect changes and water depth.

    • Fixed an issue with the collision on the Urban Residential building set, to prevent exploitable placement of HAB’s inside an inaccessible room.

  • Narva

    • Added 2 new map layers – Narva Invasion v5 (USMC RUS vs) and Narva RAAS v5 (USMC vs RUS), fighting in tough amphibious operations due to the Narva reservoir flooding.

    • Updated the minimap for flooded and non-flooded layers.

    • Fixed an issue with a house at grid G4-4-5 having artifacting shadows.

    • Fixed an issue with the roof at the Castle to prevent exploits.

    • Fixed an issue with HABs being able to be built inside the roof of a building in the Shipping Yard.

    • Fixed an issue with the building at grid G5-8-4to prevent glitching / exploits.

  • Tallil Outskirts

    • Updated the river to use the new water system. River depth is now waist deep.

    • Fixed an issue with exposed rock edges.

    • Fixed a floating power pole at grid K7-4-7.

    • Fixed misaligned grass at grid H3-3-7.

  • Skorpo

    • Added Skorpo Invasion v3 (USMC vs RUS). An amphibious attack by US Marines from the USS Essex.

    • Added Skorpo Invasion v4 (RUS vs MIL). An amphibious attack by RUS launched from the updated Skorpo island.

    • Updated the Skorpo background island to incorporate space for Main Bases for attacking teams on Invasion layers.

  • Yehorivka

    • Adjusted the minimap brightness to be more readable.

    • Fixed floating foliage and rocks in grids H8 and I8.


  • Added match results logging into server log, under LogSquadGameEvents category. Message format is as follows: “Team %d, %s ( %s ) has %s the match with %d Tickets on layer %s (level %s)!” Example log message:

“Team 2, Russian Battalion Tactical Group ( Russian Ground Forces ) has won the match with 350 Tickets on layer Anvil AAS v2 (level Anvil)!

Team 1, ADF 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment ( Australian Defence Force ) has lost the match with 349 Tickets on layer Anvil AAS v2 (level Anvil)!”


  • Added a button to the AAS, RAAS and Invasion graphs to toggle lattice visualization on/off.

  • Updated minimap creation tool for better compatibility with the new water system. Shallow areas can now be shaded differently on the map. The cutoff depth is currently fixed at 200 units.

  • Updated the Vehicle Emergency Recovery system. Its features were moved from the vehicle class to a component that allows for easier recovery settings customization per vehicle & sharing settings between multiple vehicles. It also allows modders to implement custom vehicle recovery mechanics (i.e. teleport vehicle to main base) in an easier way.

  • Fixed a bug with vehicles spawning their lasting effects actors in an incorrect game world, resulting in these actors being placed in a map.

  • Added “Toggle Splines” button to toggle landscape’s SplineMeshComponents’ visibility.

  • Updated the North American building set’s modular Admin Building.

  • Added shingle versions of prefab roofs.

Clear Cache to resolve residual issues

  • If you are experiencing issues, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE” after updating.

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