• John

Squad v3.3 update notes

The v3.3 update will focus on bug fixes, gameplay and user interface (UI) updates, map updates, and overall focus on Quality-of-Life improvements to the game. This includes an update to the Vehicle Recovery System to allow helicopters and some other vehicles to be reset, the addition of a new Russian MT-LB Amphibious variant, the introduction of a new HUD toggleable list for Squad leaders to see the status of each member of the squad and many more small changes that we hope you’ll appreciate.

We’ve made a whole lot of other gameplay changes which are listed below in the Changelog, as well as addressed numerous bugs.

Squad v3.3 will be released on Wednesday, September 28th.

Extra Attention: For the v3.3 update, the game will automatically force-clear your settings cache on launch due to changes in the settings backend not being compatible with old settings config files. Preserving pre-v3.3 settings files can result in misconfigured / unintended game settings. Make sure to review and reconfigure your settings after installing the update!


  • Updated the Vehicle Recovery System to also allow helicopters & some other vehicles to now be reset.

  • Added the ability to push RHIB boats, motorcycles and helicopters to get them out of difficult positions. For example, you can push RHIB boats back into the water after beaching them.

  • Helicopter recovery requires the helicopter engine to be turned OFF. A tooltip in the recovery UI will inform the player to turn the engine off before trying to use vehicle recovery.

  • Vehicle Push wait time is 8 seconds.

  • Initial Vehicle Reset Recovery wait time is 30 seconds.

  • Consecutive attempts to reset a vehicle within a 15 second window since the last reset attempt will now take 8 seconds, to be more forgiving when needing multiple reset attempts.

  • Added a new Russian MT-LB Amphibious Logistics variant