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Squad v3.4 release notes.

The v3.4 update will focus on small bug fixes and gameplay improvements on many fronts, including soldier kits, weapons, turrets, vehicles and buildings among others. We also persevere in our efforts of optimizations to the game, going over its various maps once again. Finally, the addition of the map Harju will add a war theater in Sweden for you all to experience again or anew!


Added a new map, Harju:

After the fighting in Narva 0pposition forces have begun raiding towns on the southern coastline of Finland. A NATO carrier group is deploying to back local defense forces to repel the invasion.

Harju will release with the following layers:

  • AAS

    • v1: USMC / RUS

    • v2: USA / RUS

  • Invasion

    • v1: USMC / RUS

    • v2: RUS / MIL

    • v3: GB / MIL

    • v4: CAF / RUS

  • RAAS

    • v1: USMC / RUS

    • v2: GB / RUS

    • v3: USA / RUS

    • v4: CAF / RUS

    • v5: RUS / MIL

  • Skirmish

    • v1: USMC / RUS

    • v2: CAF / RUS

  • Seed

    • v1: USMC / RUS


  • The Chat HUD now clears older messages once it has faded out so that only new ones appear when the Chat HUD reappears.

  • Players will now take damage underwater within the main base protection zone. This will prevent players from becoming stuck underwater indefinitely.

  • Adjusted the ammo cost on 40mm HE grenades for Grenadier kits to 7 ammo points (was 10).

  • Improved general water performance


  • Fixed several issues with the squad list HUD

    • Fixed an issue with the squad list not appearing centered at lower resolutions

    • Fixed an issue where player status icons on the squad list were stretched horizontally instead of scaling at a fixed aspect ratio

    • Fixed an issue where the “Leave Squad” button would be pushed to the bottom of the screen when the player’s squad is large.

    • Fixed an issue with the scroll bar in the squad list not functioning properly

  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances one could have infinite rally points.

  • Fixed a crash relating to the map marker manager

  • Fixed a crash relating to vehicles

  • Fixed an issue where an inappropriately large amount of force would occasionally be applied to the Minsk while pushing it.

  • Fixed a crash that would occasionally occur at match’s end

  • Fixed an issue where the woodland USMC M1151 CROWS variant turret was unable to be repaired by a hand repair kit.

  • Fixed an issue where the woodland USMC M1151 CROWS variant turret was incorrectly set to pass damage to the vehicle

  • Fixed a crash relating to smoke grenades

  • Fixed a problem with Militia role icons

  • Fixed an issue where player shadows were bleeding through walls on low shadow settings

  • Fixed an issue where LAT and Medic kits were showing incorrect role counts

  • Fixed an issue where USMC logis were missing their smoke pop sound

  • Fixed woodland sandbags being used on a desert MEA deployable

  • Fixed an issue where Zu-23 vehicle turrets had a gratuitous amount of ammo.

  • Fixed an issue where viewports would “flood” inappropriately

  • Fixed a crash that rarely occurred after changing the graphics settings on the main menu

  • Fixed an issue where an INS/MIL player could not detonate an IED if they had also placed an ammo bag on the map.

  • Fixed an issue where USMC M1A1 turret armor values were mismatched

  • Fixed an issue with the Minsk’s anti-flip system

  • Fixed an issue where wake plates had no impact VFX for any projectiles

  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could not be damaged after exiting the main base

  • Contact shadows are now forced “on” for Low and Medium shadow quality.

  • Color grading settings will now remain consistent after restarting

  • Fixed an issue where default settings were not being applied universally

  • Fixed an issue where the anisotropic slider wasn’t working properly

  • Fixed an issue where ambient occlusion wasn’t being updated properly


  • General

    • Improved lighting on the USS Essex

  • Black Coast

    • Improved lighting on the USS Essex

    • Fixed an issue where the MIL main base had no logi resupply area near the beach where MIL boats spawn on Invasion v4

    • Fixed a gameplay issue with an exploitable collision on the rooftop of the Coal Tipple Building.

    • Fixed an issue where players could fall through the terrain at a certain location

  • Fallujah

    • Fixed an issue where water splash VFX would appear inappropriately

    • Various optimizations

  • Mestia

    • Fixed an issue with MEA not always spawning every vehicle at the start of a round on Skirmish v1

  • Manic-5

    • Fixed an issue with CAF main not always spawning every vehicle at the start of a round on RAAS v1

  • Narva

    • Fixed an issue with the RUS T72B3 MBT not spawning at main on Destruction v1

    • Improved water levels in some buildings in RAAS v5

  • Tallil

    • Fixed an issue with INS Minsk bikes never spawning on Seed v2

    • Fixed an issue where USMC were able to deploy emplacements on Seed v1

  • Skorpo

    • Fixed an issue where the Militia temporary spawn was not working at grid 010-5-4 on Invasion v4.

    • Removed CAS Helicopter from Invasion v3

    • Fixed an issue where attackers do not see the staging phase UI on Invasion v3 and Invasion v4

    • Fixed an issue with lighting where a beam of light appeared to come from the ocean on Invasion v3

  • Sumari

    • Fixed an issue with INS main not spawning all Minsk bikes at start of a round on Seed v2

  • Yehorivka

    • Fixed an issue where not all vehicles would spawn at RUS main at the start of a round on RAAS v11


  • Fixed an issue where Black Coast layers were missing from the server layer rotation configuration


  • Updated mod SDK to v3.4

  • Updated mod versioning to v3.4. This requires mods to be re-cooked with the v3.4 SDK—any mods using the v3.3 SDK will be incompatible with v3.4.

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