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Squad v3.5 Hotfix notes

OWI have deployed hotfix 3.5 to address the unintentional player kicks issue and some fixes that needed to be implemented to the Harju map. Please notify us if you encounter new issues on Squad 3.5 in our Technical Report Thread.


  • Fixed an issue where players were being kicked from servers unintentionally



  • Fixed an issue where players could not use a certain sewer entrance as intended.


  • Fixed an issue where the Truck Stop capture point would spawn in the air on RAAS v1, preventing players from capturing it.

  • Fixed an issue where the repair stations in the CAF main base on Invasion v4 would float in the air and block the road.

  • Fixed an issue where the logistics hub flag was in the wrong capture cluster on RAAS v3 and v4.

  • Fixed an issue with flag layout on RAAS v5.

  • Fixed an issue where certain fortifications would not cost anything on multiple Harju map layers.

  • Fixed an issue where the USMC carrier was sitting too low in the water on Invasion v1.

  • Fixed an issue where the USMC western helicopter pad would not repair damaged helicopters on Invasion v1.

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