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Squad v4.1 released with little notice!

Squad Hotfix 4.1 is now live! It focuses on fixing a few issues that came with the PLA faction, some drought on a few maps (water refusing to appear), and an update of the SDK to 4.1. Check out all the list of changes below:


  • Fixed a server crash related to EOS

  • Fixed a client crash related to EOS

  • Removed the shovel from the PLA squad lead crewman kit

  • Fixed an issue where the gunner would be kicked out of the ZSL10 if the vehicle entered the water

  • Fixed an issue where drivers of the ZBL08 and ZSL10 could be killed by explosive rounds hitting the front side of the vehicle

  • Fixed an issue with turret armor values on the ZTZ99A

  • Fixed an issue with un-ready weapon animations for the DZJ08 and PF98

  • Fixed a small visual issue relating to how PLA soldiers react to lighting


  • Harju

    • Fixed an issue where the Russian forward HAB could spawn in a glitched location on Seed v1

  • Mutaha

    • Fixed an issue where water was not appearing as intended in certain areas

  • Tallil

    • Fixed an issue where water was not appearing as intended in certain areas

  • Sumari

    • Fixed an issue where the Seed v3 layer was incorrectly being displayed as Seed v1 across several UI elements

    • Fixed an issue where emplacements were available to both teams on Seed v3


  • Updated mod SDK to v4.1

  • We were not able to address an issue regarding mods using custom playercontroller on modded servers. Non-modded servers are not affected by the issue. Currently the issue is causing player disconnect and a server crash when the server changes playercontrollers in a map switch. To avoid this server crash, server owners need to make sure that their map rotation all uses the same playercontroller, whether that be the default one or the same custom one.

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