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Squad v5.0 release notes from OWI


Added two new factions, the People’s Liberation Army Navy Marine Corps and the Russian Airborne Forces


The People’s Liberation Army Navy Marine Corps is a branch of the People’s Liberation Army focused on amphibious operations.

Soldiers The PLANMC utilizes a unique digital blue-tinted naval camouflage pattern that identifies them as a naval invasion force. Some gameplay layers feature the PLA Amphibious Ground Forces which are very similar to PLANMC except using the standard woodland digital camouflage. Vehicles

  • ZSD05 Open-Top APC

  • ZSD05 Amphibious Logistics

  • ZBD05 Amphibious Invasion IFV

  • ZTD05 Mobile Gun System

  • Z-8J Helicopter

  • Retexture of existing vehicles with blue naval camouflage

CTM131 Logistics Truck CSK131 Armored Car ZBL08 Wheeled IFV ZSL10 Wheeled APC Kit Roles

  • Rifleman (3 variants)

  • Squad Leader (3 variants)

  • Automatic Rifleman (2 variants)

  • Marksman

  • Light Anti-Tank (2 variants)

  • Heavy Anti-Tank

  • Machine Gunner

  • Grenadier

  • Combat Engineer

  • Medic (2 variants)

  • Crewman + SL Crewman

  • Pilot + SL Pilot

  • Recruit + Unarmed

PLANMC Map Layers


  • AAS v1 – PLAAGF vs ADF


  • RAAS v1 – PLANMC vs USA

Black Coast

  • Invasion v5 – PLANMC vs USMC

Goose Bay

  • RAAS v2 – PLANMC vs USA

  • Invasion v3 – PLANMC vs USA


  • RAAS v6 – PLANMC vs USMC


  • RAAS v4 – PLANMC vs CAF

  • Invasion v4 – PLANMC vs CAF

Jensen’s Range



  • RAAS v13 – PLANMC vs CAF

  • RAAS v14 – PLAAGF vs USA

  • RAAS v15 – PLANMC vs USMC

  • AAS v4 – PLANMC vs USMC

  • Invasion v9 – PLANMC vs USMC

Pacific Proving Grounds



  • RAAS v4 – PLANMC vs USMC


  • RAAS v1 – PLAAGF vs USMC

  • RAAS v5 – PLAAGF vs USA


The Russian Airborne Forces is a fully mechanized Russian Armed Forces branch specializing in fast and hard-hitting amphibious assaults.


AK-12 Rifle with 9 variants: Iron Sights, Iron Sights + Foregrip, Iron Sights + Foregrip + GP25, New 1P87 Red Dot Optic, New 1P87 Red Dot Optic + Foregrip, New 1P87 Red Dot Optic + Foregrip + GP25 , 1P78 Optic, 1P78 Optic + GP25, 1P78 Optic + Foregrip + GP25 AS VAL Suppressed Rifle

  • Only available with the new “OKP-7” non-magnified red dot optic on the ‘Scout’ kit role SV-98M Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

  • Only available on the ‘Sniper’ kit role

  • Comes with a new 1P69 magnified sniper scope optic


  • BTR-D Transport

  • BTR-DG Amphibious Logistics

  • BTR-D Kord APC

  • BTR-ZD Anti Air


  • BMD-1M IFV

  • BMD-4M IFV

  • Sprut SDM-1 MGS

  • Mi-8 Helicopter VDV variant with gray markings

  • Access to RGF vehicles: T72-B3 MBT, Kamaz Logistics Trucks, BRDM-2

Kit Roles

  • Rifleman (3 variants)

  • Senior Rifleman SL (3 variants)

  • Automatic Rifleman (2 variants)

  • Sniper

  • Scout

  • Light Anti-Tank (2 variants)

  • Heavy Anti-Tank (2 variants)

  • Machine Gunner

  • Grenadier

  • Combat Engineer

  • Medic (2 variants)

  • Crewman + SL Crewman

  • Pilot + SL Pilot

  • Recruit + Unarmed

VDV Map Layers


  • RAAS v4 – VDV vs ADF

Black Coast

  • RAAS v1 – VDV vs USMC

  • RAAS v5 – VDV vs IMF

  • AAS v1 – VDV vs USMC

Fools Road

  • AAS v2 – VDV vs USA

Goose Bay

  • RAASv1 – VDV vs CAF

  • AAS v2 – VDV vs CAF

  • Invasion v4 – VDV vs USMC


  • RAAS v3 – VDV vs USA

  • AAS v3 – VDV vs CAF

  • AAS v4 – VDV vs USMC

  • Invasion v2 – VDV vs IMF


  • AAS v1 – VDV vs USMC

  • Seed v1 – VDV vs USMC

Jensen’s Range


Logar Valley

  • Seed v1 – VDV vs USMC


  • RAAS v10 – VDV vs CAF

  • RAAS v11 – VDV vs USA

  • RAAS v12 – VDV vs USMC

  • AAS v5 – VDV vs USA

  • Invasion v8 – VDV vs USA


  • RAAS v4 – VDV vs CAF


  • RAAS v2 – VDV vs USMC

  • Invasion v1 – VDV vs USA

Pacific Proving Grounds



  • RAAS v5 – VDV vs CAF

  • Invasion v2 – VDV vs IMF


  • RAAS v2 – VDV vs USA

  • RAAS v10 – VDV vs BAF

  • RAAS v11 – VDV vs CAF


Added two new emote packs:

Attitude Pack ($2.99 USD)

  • Peace / Victory

  • Eyes on You

  • Pinched Fingers

Free PT Pack (Free)

  • Star Jump / Jumping Jacks

  • Pushups

System & Gameplay Updates

  • Added a privacy policy notice

  • Adjusted the Russian Army Desert, US Army Desert, and US Army Woodland uniform patterns to bring them more in line with the appearance of the other factions

  • The training menu has been updated to include two additional buttons that allow you to access the PLANMC and VDV factions on both Pacific Proving Grounds and Jensen’s Range. A scroll bar was added to accommodate all of the Jensens range variations and is a temporary solution until this menu is redesigned.

  • Added a vehicle icon representing MGS (Mobile Gun System) vehicles to the UI

  • Updated the description for the M16A2 and its variants

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a loud clicking noise to be heard immediately after switching maps

  • Fixed a client crash related to weapon sounds overwhelming the audio system

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Commander creeping barrage area attack width indicator on the minimap to appear more narrow than the attack actually was

  • Fixed a UI issue when placing director lines around other markers on the minimap, which then prevented the markers from being able to be deleted

  • Fixed a UI issue in the server browser to no longer include the game version number in the the “Mode” column when you are running the same version of the game that the server is being played on

  • Fixed a bug that allowed deployables to be placed on top of vehicles, which would then stay in place even after the vehicle had moved away

  • Fixed a UI bug that could prevent the server browser mod details pop-up from appearing when joining a modded server that included a mod which players did not have installed

  • Fixed a visual issue with the right-side tracks on the PLA ZTZ99A MBT

  • Fixed an issue that force lowered soldier weapons when walking through certain camo netting

  • Fixed a UI bug that could cause the role request button to overlap with the vehicle claim request button on the radial menu after interacting with an ammo crate

  • Fixed an issue with the iron sights alignment for the IMF M16A2 rifle, they should now be properly lined up

  • Fixed a minor UI issue with the PLA ZBD04A IFV’s turret indicator appearing incorrect for the commander seat

  • Fixed a minor visual issue that caused the antenna on the back of the USA M1126 M2 APC to load incorrectly and look more like a plant than an antenna

  • Fixed a bug that allowed IMF infantry to place unlimited sandbags instead of the intended limit of 10 per player

Map Updates & Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where getting ragdolled (run over by a vehicle) while in water caused a permanent ragdoll state


  • Updated RAAS v5 so the first flag for IMF is no longer pre-captured

Lashkar Valley

  • Fixed an issue where players fell/teleported below the landscape while using a bipod


  • Fixed a visual issue that caused the water inlet wall at the Power Station to appear darker than intended


  • Updated the taller apartment buildings to include a rooftop access stairwell

  • Various POI’s have been updated to improve game flow

  • Added Narva RAAS v7 (with Helicopters!) – USA vs RGF

Pacific Proving Grounds

  • Fixed an issue that caused character preview models to look extremely glossy

SDK Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Updated mod SDK to v5.0

  • Updated mod versioning to v5.0. This requires mods to be re-cooked with the v5.0 SDK—any mods using the v4.5 SDK will be incompatible with v5.0

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