• John

V2.9 of Squad now released



  • Updated the vehicle ammo rack components mechanic

  • Designer’s Note: This is mainly a quality of life and UI/UX rework for this component, this is not anticipated to greatly weaken or strengthen vehicle dynamics as it relates to this vehicle component in engagements.

  • An ammo rack will now be set on fire/cookoff when the health of the component falls to 0 HP, instead of the previous 30% HP.

  • After reaching 0% HP, the ammo rack will no longer be repairable by any means (This is intended to disincentivize player behavior of vehicles camping at repair stations to avoid destruction).

  • When the ammo rack is on fire & cooking off, the component health indicator on the driver’s UI will start blinking red, notifying the driver of imminent destruction. The SFX of rounds being cooked off will still be present, as another indication of the ammo rack component being destroyed.

  • A burning ammo rack no longer deals damage directly to the vehicle hull, but instead starts a timer counting down to detonation. This ensures the VFX gets a chance to play without being immediately interrupted by the vehicle exploding when it reaches 0 HP.

  • The amount of time needed for the ammo rack to burn out and detonate is randomized between 15 and 30 seconds.

  • Disabled the ability to cause instant detonation of the ammo rack by overdamage (i.e. tank AP sabot round previously was causing instant detonation & vehicle kill on IFVs ammo racks, which no longer will be possible)

Designer’s note: the intention here is to reduce the frequency of one-shot kills, and to give players on the receiving end a clear understanding of why their vehicle was destroyed so fast. This will also increase the survivability of infantry transported in APCs and IFVs, as they will have time to dismount.

  • On ammo rack destruction & start of ammo cookoff, the vehicle will now lose most of its large-caliber ammunition.

  • Tanks will lose all ammunition for all main gunner weapons, except for the one currently loaded in the main gun, and the coaxial machine gun.