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Operation Houdini

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Saturday 31st July 22:00 BST/ 21:00 UTC / 17:00 EDT

You are back in January 2005...

During November and December 2004 the US launched Operation Al-Fajr  ("Dawn') and operation Phantom Fury, a joint American, Iraqi, and British military operation to retake Fallujah from the extremists that had overtaken the city.

Following the success of this mission, George W Bush has announced that he is visiting Fallujah In January 2005 on a secret visit to meet troops and see the success of Operation Al-Fajr.

It is reported that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi has heard about the planned visit, and his fellow Al-Qaeda terrorists have sworn to ensure that George Bush does not leave Fallujah alive.

Al-Qeada know that the US are likely to use a military motorcade. and that this will leave them more vulnerable to attack.

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The US army needs around 25 volunteers to have enough forces to man this protection mission.

Al-Qeada need sufficient martyrs to be prepared to die for the cause to make this successful.

YOU are needed to make this a success !

Intelligence leaks have indicted that President Bush will arrive in Fallujah on Saturday 31st July.

His visit Is guarded In secrecy. However, our intelligence officers say that he Is likely to want to visit local tribal chiefs. and show his support for the local Fallujah residents. Weather predictions indicate that his departure will not be by plane due to poor weather conditions for that day.

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• The vislt will be co-ordinated by the US. Army Special Operation's Command

and the president will be guarded by elite of the 75th Ranger Regiment, together with the 528th Sustainment Brigade (Airborne).

• The military will be joined by a number of members of the presidents close

protection detail, from the US Secret Service's 'Presidential Protective Division'.

• The US military are now alarmed that news of George W Bush landing In

Fallujah has leaked and poses a real threat to his safety.

The US team will be issued with a classified mission briefing document shortly before the event (to maintain secrecy).

US forces will need to attend briefings with your commander  prior to the event to ensure good planning.  Discord channels will be setup for this.

So places are limited, please sign up now if you commit to the date and time........

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Saturday 31st July 22:00 BST/ 21:00 UTC / 17:00 EDT

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