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So you have just bought the game, dived in and got killed within 20 seconds, been asked to do things that you don't understand, heard people talking about things you don't recognise?

Well why not have one of us take you through the basics of the game?  No charge, no obligation - We just want people to get the most out of the game that cost you money!

Squad is a game with a high learning curve, but rewards players with a rich experience.  It takes about 3-5 weeks to get to be comfortable playing, so don't give up!

MORTARS - We can offer you training on how to operate or run a mortar squad.

ARMOUR - if you would like to get to grips to using armour, then we can organise that for you.

SQUAD LEADING - The hardest role within the game.

Have experienced squad leaders take you through how to lead a squad well and save yourself some embarrassment in game!

Complete the form below to book some training with us !

Already been trained? - Click HERE to give us feedback please!


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