Who Do You Kick or Ban  ?

Just4Fun operate an environment in which players should be able to enjoy
friendly game-play, with 
aggressive / insulting players removed.

Our servers are home to a wide community of people from all ages,
including people aged under sixteen years old.

You will get kicked/banned for swearing / insulting towards players/admins.

We will also kick and/or ban anyone who breaks our rules, available on this web site.

Actions that might be mistakes (taking a vehicle without crewmen,
accidental team killing, etc., will always result in a warning before any action.

We will kick and/or ban anyone who behaves in such a way as to disrupt game-play,
be insulting or rude to others or deliberately attempts to interrupt or spoil other games.

We are often asked what sort of behavior is acceptable / unacceptable on our servers.
The best answer is to use an analogy, and is the yardstick that our admins police the sever by...

Imagine you are standing in a crowded shopping mall at midday Saturday:

If you were to shout out or display a placard with the same language that you have just used in-game,
would you attract the attention and intervention of the police?

If the answer is yes, then you are likely to be kicked or banned.

The same goes for player names and squad names. 

If you feel it necessary to use a rude or offensive name,
then do not be surprised if you are ejected from our server without notice.